Rapsta Chik has announced a music video for her I Love It lead single Insane, but also has released the official audio for the albums second single Victim. Victim was first performed at Rappz Festival 2013 and Rapsta hasn't uploaded the single's full audio until now. Victim was meant to be the lead single from I Love It, but it was replaced by Insane and moved to the second single. It's not just a music video confirmation and a studio audio leaked, Rapsta has uploaded a ten second instrumental snippet from her sixth album Ceramic Doll II: 2014 Edition'a lead single Should Have Left It Alone (released in November).

Insane (with Kelly Clarkson) is released October 11, 2013

Victim (feat. is released November 4, 2013

Should Have Left It Alone (feat. Young Prince) is released November 2013

I Love It is released Janurary 3, 2014

Ceramic Doll II: 2014 Edition is released Mid-2014

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