Springfield Shopper reporter Adrianna Morgan managed to interview Rapsta Chik about future projects for 2014.

Adrianna: Chik, you recently released your new single "DOYOLOVEME " for your new movie released in 11 days, how do you feel?

Chik: I feel great! M.I.A. is a great person to work with and Heart2Heart was so good to work on. Young Prince was amazing and the cast was amazing. It was a lot of fun!

Adrianna: So I Love It was recently released and it featured only the most exciting collaborations, do you have any artists who you worked with or songs that didn't make the cut?

Chik: I had a song called "X" featuring Justin Bieber and 2 Chainz, Should Have Left It Alone was originally a solo project and on I Love It before I did more work on it and featured Young Prince on a verse. I had a song called "18 Carat Diamond Ring" and "Work It" featuring Azealia Banks was one of the collaborations we wrote, there was another Azealia Banks collaboration called "Drinkin' With My Bitches" that didn't make the cut. Other artists I thought about collaborating with were Miley Cyrus, Jane Mik, Beyonce, Gucci Mane and more. Some of the unused songs will probably appear in Ceramic Doll II.

Adrianna: Do you have any thing on Young Prince and Jane Mik's engagement?

Chik: I have no comment, can't confirm anything, I think you should as him yourself for that information

Adrianna: Are the rumours true that Amara is a lesbian or bisexual?

Chik: That's none of my business and what does this have to do with me?

Adrianna: Anything about the Should Have Left It Alone music video?

Chik: Directed by Terry Richardson, i'm on a swing and at one point in the video I smash stuff.

Adrianna: How is motherhood for you

Chik: Great, now can we move on to the important questions and not stuff like "how are your kids?" or "is she a lesbian?" or "who's marrying who?"

Adrianna: Fine... how's married life?

Chik: Ugh

Then she walked out. Keep tuned for more interviews.

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