Rapsta Chik told us about her motherhood with her daughter Delia and son Ryan, how she was only expecting one baby during pregnancy, the fathers reaction and how her family dealt with the news.

Q. Ok so Rapsta, how did the father react?

A. Bart had mixed feelings, he would be supportive and happy, but really freaked out at the same time.

Q. How did you react

A: Just like Bart

Q. How did Barts family react

A. Homer just freaked out and screamed "Oh No, I'm becoming grandpa" and Marge was very supportive and said "Amanda, I am here for you" and Lisa just said "I hope I have a niece"

Q. How did your family react

A. They never approved of Bart, but were happy all the same.

Q. How did you and Bart react when you gave birth to twins instead of just the girl.

A. We were shocked, the boy (Ryan) hid behind Delia during the scan, so we only found out about twins during birth

Q. How is motherhood

A. It's great, we just love parenthood, except some stuff involving noise and poopoo diapers!

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