Rapsta Chik talks about her plans for 2013. Last year she released a debut album, an EP, two collars with Young Prince and a mixtape. This year Rapsta released a second album that needed the TGIF era and a mixtape dedicated to her sister who passed away in a crash (and a third EP). Rapsta told us about more plans for 2013, she said "I am making a new album called Ceramic Doll and the lead single features, I am doing a third collab with Young Prince but I'm uncredited in the song because all credit goes to the Prince and I only have a bit of credit but that was my choice because I don't want to be credited in every song I feature in and Prince is awesome so he gets my blessing for his album". Rapsta is happy she is uncredited in the song for people who didn't understand, Rapsta will carry on making 2013 her year and making awesome collabs (she is rumoured to collab with Madonna) and albums.

Next issue: Interview with Rapsta and Young Prince.

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