Yesterday on Rapsta Chik's YouTube account Rapsta Chik released a teaser for TWO upcoming singles to drop on her birthday. The teaser confirms the tracks are "Do Dat Shit" featuring PTAF and one that we have all been waiting for... "Reach For The Stars" featuring the late Tupac Shakur! The two singles will be released on May 31st and the videos will drop on the same date, including a video for her promo single "18 Carat Diamond Ring". The teaser lasts for 1 minute and features a preview of each video and song.

Do Dat Shit ft. PTAF teaserEdit

The video preview shows Rapsta Chik busting moves in the club while PTAF dance behind her. Rapsta is seemingly singing about how she wants her man to get on the floor and "do dat shit".

Reach For The Stars ft. Tupac Shakur teaserEdit

It then switches to a shot of Rapsta Chik at a grave and putting a rose on it (a tribute to Shakur). Before she walks down a road as Rachel Layton (uncredited) lends her amazing vocals to the chorus.

18 Carat Diamond Ring teaserEdit

This promo track was released to iTunes on May 21st (exactly 10 days before the video release). It shows Rapsta on a bed with Bart Simpson as the song plays in the background.

The video ends with the words "1 Week Left" popping up.on the screen as the teasers fast forward and the whole thing goes static. What do you think of Rapsta's singles choice, and how do you think the videos will be like?

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