Superstar leave tributes for deceased Glee star Cory Monteith who passed away on June 13 2013 due to a suspected drug overdose.

Rapsta Chik tweeted: R.I.P. Cory, Poor Lea, this must be tough 4 U! Glee won't be the same but it must go on.

Bart Simpson tweeted: My sister met him at a performing arts camp so she says "Rest In Peace Cory" and I say that I loved Glee and Cory and this is so tragic, Ay Carumba.

Sarah Simpson-Muntz tweeted: Holy Baloney!, Cory Monteith is DEAD!!!, OMG R.I.P

Helena Fasesha tweeted: Such a Loss.

Young Prince tweeted: it's really sad that the worlds gotta lose such a great talent like Cory Montieth, we were good friends and music pals so this is really hard for me, I'm really hoping the best for him, praying for him every night since I found out, R.I.P. Cory.

Jane Mik tweeted: THIS IS CRAZY, can't Belive what happened to Cory, that's soo sad, R.I.P.

Rapsta Chik released a mixtape and Prince released an EP in Cory's honour.

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