Yesterday, Young Prince's second tour, co-headlined with fiancée Jane Mik and sister Felicia, kicked off in the United Center in Chicago. After an all sexed up video introduction entitled Heating Up, Felicia began the night singing a cover of Lorde's "Team". But the biggest surprise, for both Felicia and the crowd, was that Lorde herself appeared on-stage to perform the song's second verse and chorus. Prince later said in an interview with us, that he knew Lorde was a big inspiration for his sister, that's why he had contacted her to sing with Felicia on the first tour date. After some other performances by Felicia, Prince kicked off his set with the club banger "We Are the Freaks", opening track of his latest work Rapping It Up. He followed with new single "Repetitions" and brought labelmate Bart Simpson to the stage to perform the second official single of his debut work, "Low Price". Mik continued with the number-one hit "Superhero", lead single from the album of the same name, and the album's third single, "Fever", which has so far peaked at number three in the US and at number one here in Springfield. Prince emerged from the stage, once again, to perform "Lollipop", which featured interpolations of JT's "Suit & Tie". Felicia then premiered two new songs off her upcoming debut studio album, "Bikini" and "After Hours", which is the title track to be released as the third single on March 23. After Mik's hot performance of "Q.U.E.E.N." and her debut single as a solo artist, "Feelings", recorded for The Simpsons: A New Generation, Prince appeared from behind and, on his knees, proposed marriage to Mik. Shocked, she quickly accepted, letting Prince go on to perform lead single off his new album, "F**k With Me". After being joined by Felicia and Mik for a new remix of the Black Soul theme song, "Breaking the Wall", people already knew the end was near. But they wouldn't leave without hearing the hits "I'm a Rockstar, B***h", a remix of new single "Da Noise" featuring both Mik and Felicia, and the worldwide number-one hit "Get Yourself Back Home", featuring a new rap verse performed by Felicia, replacing Rapsta Chik's original verse. However, that's not all. Prince confirmed before leaving he will direct another film this year, the main difference being he will not act in it. But he has contacted Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Boyce, who will embody the lead roles in the film. He did gave us the surprises he promised: bringing Lorde to the stage, directing a new movie, proposing to Mik. What a show! And there's still more to come!

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