Since back in Early 2013 when she said she wanted to pursue a succesful film career as well as a succesful rapping career, Rapsta Chik said it would be fun to play a victim in a horror movie. The 27 year old will play a teenage girl ten years younger that her who finds a poem that is said to attack you in dreams 3 days after you read it. The movie has similarities to 2002 movie The Ring and 1984 movie Nightmare on Elm Street (except the curse is from a poem and not a videotape). The trailer begins with Rapsta's character Ellie-May talking with Amara's character Janice, and suddenly the coversation turns in to frightful moments as Ellie-May reveals the poem but Janice refuses to read it, Ellie-May and Janice go to their own rooms to sleep and all of a sudden Ellie-May starts screaming in her sleep, with her mother, father and sister sleeping and not hearing, Janice tries to get Ellie-May up but when she turns her over she sees Ellie-May's face with black eyes and a white, screaming facial expression, Janice screams as the title card for the movie cuts between her screams. Chilling trailer, can't wait for the movie.

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