A trailer for the Horrific Pictures Studio film The Eyes has made a debut. The film will be released on Friday June 13, 2014. Whether it is a coincidence that the horror flick will be released on the dreaded Friday the 13th or not we do not know, but we are sure that the director chose this ominous date. 

The trailer begins with a piece of paper floating in the wind. The trailer then cuts to Ellie May (played by Rapsta Chik) talking to her friend Tyler (played by Robbie Amell) on the phone. She then reveals that she is cursed and that she is three hours away from her deadline. It then shows the screen going to black and outside her bedroom door, a scream is heard. It shows Ellie May's funeral and Farrah (played by LaQuaria Ghetti) talking to Tyler and Ellie May's sister Janice (played by Amara). The three travel to a house and read a poem, after they finish it they all get the same text. It then shows brief clips of the film while a snippet of the soundtrack song "Horrify" by Amara featuring LaQuaria Ghetti plays. The trailer ends with Janice saying the movie's tagline "always keep the eyes open". It goes all quiet for a couple of seconds, before Ellie-May's scream is heard and the trailer goes blank.

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