A lot of really good new tracks have been released lately, most of them are EDM tracks, or hip hop tracks. But only one of these songs can be the song of the summer, here is our list of really good summer anthems. Summer is a time for banging EDM, trap, pop and hip hop songs.

  • Felicia - After Hours - This dance-pop, written by Felicia and Zedd, produced by Young Prince track was released back in late March. And it was basically the song of the Spring, I would recommend this if you are in the club on a summer night, and the DJ is taking requests.
  • LaQuaria Ghetti ft. DJ TRAKZ - On Da Dancefloor - This is an odd collaboration, an odd song for LaQuaria, and it doesnt get officially released until August 1, which is close to when summer wraps up. But we still LOVE this song, it is most odd that LaQuaria doesnt rap, and it is her first single where she ONLY sings. We think this is a great choice as the third single from her debut album, and a good summer anthem.
  • Young Prince ft. Austin Greyhound - Black - This song was released on May 21, 2014, competing with Nicki Minaj's Pills N Potions to get to the top of charts all around the world. This amazing hip hop song featuring Greyhounds amazing vocals makes this song even more powerful. This song is about bullying and abuse, and is much like his sister Felicia's summer hit last year "I'm Leaving Home" which also features Prince. Greyhound makes an appearence on another song on our list.
  • Faces and Diplo - Danzfloor - Faces and American DJ Diplo team up for Faces's comeback song Danzfloor. This song combines EDM and trap, and the video was just released this morning! We hope (and think) this song will become Faces biggest hit YET!
  • Amara - Say - Amara didn't start releasing singles until Fall last year, so its time she gets a summer hit. And the new single Say is just the right one.
  • Rachel Layton ft. Iggy Azalea and Austin Greyhound - POWR   - Rachel Layton took a break from the EDM nature of Faces (the duo she makes with DJ TRAKZ) to release Battles (ft. JayDee) and POWR. Rachel, Iggy and Austin all seem to be getting some BIG recognition!
  • Jane Mik ft. Felicia - Problem - This song went number 1 EVERYWHERE! This song is probably one of the biggest tracks of the year! Jane Mik and her future sister-in-law team up to bring you "Problem"
  • Helena Fasesha - Queen - There is two words to describe this song, "pure, gold". This song is Helena's highest charting single of her career, and it was even more anticipated than her previous single "Loud" which she really completely blew out the water! We think this song is summer genius!

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