Back on January 5, 2014, Young Prince proposed to fellow labelmate Jane Mik during the first performance of the Brooks Family Tour at United Center in Chicago. Today, August 3, Prince and Mik married at the First Church of Springfield, and then held an incredible party at The Snub Club. Everyone was present: from Prince's little sister Felicia to her boyfriend Austin Greyhound and Springfield's rising star Ashley Simpson; with the exception of Helena FaseshaRapsta ChikAmara and LaQuaria Ghetti who are having a good time while touring Asia. Everybody was filled with joy when the young couple said the word "yes" and then kissed in excitement. After everyone had congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, they all went to The Snub Club, where they kept the party going on 'till midnight. Right there, a big screen was lowered and Fasesha, Chik and Amara were projected: they recorded themselves to sent a congratulations message to the couple! But that wasn't all. The artists of Springfield gave out spectacular performances. Felicia performed her recent hit "I Don't Care" and her upcoming collab with Greyhound "Angel". Greyhound also joined Prince on "Black", and Prince and Mik performed a cover of Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and their biggest hit "Get Yourself Back Home". Other performances include Ashley's "The Way I Feel", Faces' "Danzfloor" as well as "Spinning Around", and Trio3's collab with Isla Chan "Dance With You". If anybody asked any of the guest how good the party was, they would all say it was outstanding. Both Prince and Mik deserve it. From the bottom of our heart, we'd like to congratulate them and we wish them a great future together.

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