Earlier today, our favorite reporter, Adrianna Morgan, shared a short interview with recording artist Young Prince, who is currently at the top of his career. He got to talk about his second role in a movie, Neo in Heart2Heart, and the projects he has planned for 2014.

Adrianna: So, Richard, are you excited for the premiere of Heart2Heart, which takes place today?

Young Prince: I am indeed! We've been working so hard on this project for a long time, and seeing it's already done... It felt it was yesterday when we had begun planning it.

A: And how did you manage to handle the lead role of Chik's film and, at the same time, direct and star in your own film, Black Soul, which was a commercial success.

YP: Well, I can't say it was easy. It took a lot of time for me to work in both films. Specially with the short time period we had to film Black Soul. Only four months. However, I could still focus on both films, and give only the best for both films.

A: What is this surprise you've planned to promote the film?

YP: I really wanted people to see an acoustic side of me, so today, before the movie premiere, I'll be uploading two covers of Bastille's "Pompeii" and James Blunt's "Heart to Heart", plus two new songs, "Love You Long Time", an outtake from Rapping It Up, and "Fill It Up", a new song, to my official YouTube account, It'sYoungPrince. I'll also be tweeting what happens throughout the night, so keep updated on what @it'syoungprince tweets!

A: How does it feel to be on the way to marriage?

YP: Now that everyone knows, it's easier for me and Jane to be together. We had actually teased our relationship on the "Da Noise" video, in which we share a passionate kiss, but it was not until that day on tour that I proposed to her, people could confirm the rumors.

A: How does Sarah feel about it?

YP: To be honest, Sarah never loved me. We've been best friends since kids, but we've lost touch for some time now.

A: As for Heart2Heart, how did you feel while working with the cast?

YP: Oh, that's a very good question! Rapsta is a very good director and actress, and spending that much time with her, made me know her better. She's an awesome girl and awesome actress. Amara is such a fun girl, and she embodies her role with so much passion... I was hoping to give her the lead role for my following movie, but my crew, which I consider my family, told me to go with Jennifer Lawrence, who I can't wait to work with. In addition, working with Harrison Ford was like a dream come true. Me and my mother admired him so much. We went to watch all of his films together. As for Helena, I had already worked with her on Black Soul and I consider her not only a privileged woman for her voice, but also for her acting skills.

A: How are you dealing with all the success you've had in the last two years?

YP: When I first released Young Prince, Low Price in December 2012, I didn't expect it would have the success it had, and not even that it would reach number one in the US. For Rapping It Up, I worked even harder. I remember being in the studio with this awesome producers, and like saying "I don't give a shit bout what people think about it. I have to love it, you have to love it. That's it!". I produced the album mostly on my own, but in the meantime I had to produce Jane Mik's Superhero and Felicia's yet upcoming debut After Hours. That's why this awesome group of people helped me finish the work. It really feels like I'm living in a dream right now. My last album has had 4 number-ones. That's crazy! If "Da Noise" reachs the top spot in the US, I would break a record, and tie both Michael Jackson and Katy Perry. Can you imagine how that feels?

A: Certainly not. Are you planning to release any more singles from Rapping It Up?

YP: I'm overwhelmed by the success the five singles have had. I prefer focusing on the tour and my third album, rather than releasing songs the people have already heard. I mean, if I needed to release singles, I would, but that's not what happens when you outsell your previous album. 

A: Has the tour had the success you were expecting?

YP: Actually more. By working with two new artists, I hadn't expected the tour would sell out all of its venues yet. Still to come are Europe and Australasia dates, and maybe we'll be adding more dates in North America after the Australasia ones, but that's a loooong time from now.

A: Finally, which artists are you planning to collaborate with on your following album?

YP: I would like to work with Jane, Felicia and Rapsta again, and also I would really like to have some material with my label artists Nick Riverra and delicious. I've co-written several songs with Nick, and you can expect me to feature in his album. Let's see if some of our songs make the cut in mine. Thanks for having me! Goodbye.

That's all we could chat with Mr. Prince. Keep tuned for more interviews with the hottest artists of the moment.

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