Springfield VMA'S 2013 is the 29th Springfield VMA's. It took place December 8, 2013. It featured performances from Amara , Rapsta Chik , Bart SimpsonHelena Fasesha (who premiered two new songs) and Jane Mik .


Helena Fasesha & Martin Garrix: Cylinder

Helena Fasesha (Eminem, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj on recording): Oh Honey (I Don't Give A What)

Rapsta Chik: Should Have Left It Alone (radio edit), TWERK (radio edit), Feeling That I Got, Fantasy

Amara: Smokin' This Hun (album version), Kizz My Lipz, Without Me (without Lady Gaga and Juicy J)

Bart Simpson: Rappin' Aphrodite, C U L8R

Jane Mik & Helena Fasesha: #DRIVE

Jane Mik: Superhero , Fever, Fallin' 4 U

Rapsta Chik, Helena Fasesha, Amara: I'm The Chick

Award WinnersEdit

Video of the yearEdit

Winner - Fuck With Me (Young Prince) (from the album Rapping It Up)

Best Male VideoEdit

Winner - Spider Pig (Bart Simpson feat. Homer Simpson ) (from the album Bart's Life: Part-3)

Best Female VideoEdit

Winner - Smokin' This Hun (Amara feat. Joshua Riverra) (from the album A)

Artist To WatchEdit

Winner - Gimme Gimme (Helena Fasesha feat. Rapsta Chik) (from the album

Best Pop VideoEdit

Winner - Kizz My Lipz (Amara) (from the album A)

Best Rap VideoEdit

Winner - If You Really Want It (Rapsta Chik feat. Young Prince & Sarah Simpson) (from the album TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns)

Best CollaborationEdit

Winner - Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart) (Rapsta Chik feat. Young Prince) (from the album TGIF Pt III) (note: This song was released in late 2012, but since the song was not a year old when it was picked as the winner, it still is eligable for this award show)

Best Song of The SummerEdit

Winner - Deep Love (Rapsta Chik) (from the album TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns)

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