Stay With Me


August 7, 2014
Deep house
Rachel Layton, Oliver Heldens
Oliver Heldens

Stay With Me is a single by Rachel Layton, featuring Dutch house producer Oliver Heldens. The song was originally an R&B ballad, before Heldens remixed the original version. Layton loved the house remix and made it the final version of the song, and credited Heldens as a featured artist. After Layton announced the Heldens collaboration, fans thought that she would be doing a vocal mix of Heldens's new song "Koala", much like English singer Becky Hill did with Heldens's song "Gecko". Heldens said that the song would be an original song, but a vocal mix of "Koala" would feature two of Springfield's up and coming artists.


(Verse 1 x2: Layton)

If I accidentally hurt you will you stay with me

Would you leave me, would you hurt me back

If I stopped being pretty would you stay with me

Or would you leave me, what would you do babe


Please, stay with me

I want you to stay with me


(beat drop: Heldens)

(verse 2: Layton)

What would you do if I ran away

Would you find me, or leave me

What would you do if I let you go

Would you grab back on, or let me fall

If I wanted you to stay, would you still go

Would you leave me, would you (grrr) off

If I wanted to leave, would you let me go

Would you come with me. what would you do

(chorus x2)

(beat drop: Heldens)

(outro: Layton)

Yeah. would you stay with me

Would you run with me

Would you fall with me

Would you stay with me

No, no , no

Don't walk away

Stay with me


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