Prologue: Theme tune introEdit

Male Animatronic Voices: The Simpsons

Chief Wiggum: Season 26

[The Simpsons Theme Music Playing In Background]

Jimbo and Kearney saw off the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue in front of the town square, and the head falls off on Ralph, about to eat an ice cream treat.


The scene goes over to Springfield Elementary School, where Bart is writing I will not horse around in class 29 times, then the school bell rings, and he gets outta school on his skateboard, and lands right into a pile of leaves Groundskeeper Willie had just finished raking up.

Bart jumps right outta the leaf pile and Barney shows up.

Barney: [Belches Lightly]

The next scene goes over to Homer getting ready to head back home with a uranium bar stuck on his back.

In the background, Lenny and Carl are putting up the number 3 over the number 2 on a sign that says Days Without An Accident.

However, they both fall off the ladder.

[Steam Whistle Sound]

Marge, Maggie, Patty and Selma are checking out with the groceries.

The items on the conveyor belt include Tomacco juice and Mr. Sparkle power clean detergent.

A box of Krusty-O's is scanned, and the total amount on the register changes from $236.60to $243.26, which means the price of the cereal is $6.66.

Maggie is mistakenly scanned too, which doubles the register total to $486.52, and she is mistakenly packaged with the groceries.

Marge looks mildly concerned but smiles just as Maggie pops outta the bag.

Maggie sees Baby Gerald and angrily shakes her right fist at him just as Gerald does the exact same.

During Mr. Largo's music class, more characters are shown in the orchestra.

Recognizable characters include Wendell, Database, Martin, Jessica, Richard, Lewis, Janey, Milhouse, Sherri and Terri.

[Lisa Playing Intro On Saxophone]

Right after Homer discards the uranium bar, it lands on Otto.

Otto, not knowing what it is, eats it.

Bart skateboards by and turns the corner with a muted whoosh.

He skateboards past Sideshow Bob, Helen, Apu and his octuplets, Moe, Comic Book Guy, Disco Stu, Crazy Cat Lady and Chief Wiggum, who waves his night stick.

Hans Moleman peeks outta the sewers in the middle of the street, but Marge's car slams it shut just as it passes by.


Grampa is seen in the passenger seat with Maggie in the middle.

[Car Horn Honking]

Homer is standing by the garage, and Lisa scoots by past him on her bicycle.

Homer: "D'oh!"

The other car pulls up......


Homer runs around into the garage for safety.

Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer sit on the sofa, but they're transported into a video game universe.

Scene 1: The Simpson Family's house/the living roomEdit

Television Announcer: "The Krusty Monster Movie Marathon now continues with Krusty vs. The Space Mummy!"

Space Mummy: [Growling Sounds]

Marge walks into the living room........

Marge: "Bart, you've been watching that TV all weekend, you haven't moved for 2 straight days!"

Bart: "That's not true, I've been up twice to get snacks."

Marge: "When was the last time you took a bath?"

Bart: "I dunno, who cares?"

Marge: "I care, you stink! now turn off the TV and get in the tub!"

Marge blocks the television screen......

Bart: "Mom, you make a better door than a window, move it! I can't see."


Bart: "What? you can't do that! This is a marathon! I've put a lot of work into watching 42 straight hours of Krusty fighting monsters!"

Marge: "You smell like a monster!"

Bart: "Just let me finish watching 10 more hours, and then I'll take 2 baths!"

Marge: "It's this simple, no more TV until you take a bath! so go suds up!"

Bart: "If you don't let me watch TV, I'll go on a stink strike!"

Marge: "Go ahead, but remember, you have school tomorrow, if you embarrass yourself, that's fine with me."

Bart: "I have not yet begun to stink."

Homer walks in with a medium blue popcorn bowl...........

Homer: "What was all that about?"

Marge: "He's going on a stink strike."

Homer: "Ooh, I love those, don't worry, if it gets too bad, I know how to take care of it."

Fade to a black screen..........

Television announcer: "The Simpsons will be right back, right after this commercial."

Commercial Break

Television announcer: "And now, back to The Simpsons, on Fox Network."

Scene 2: Springfield Elementary School/Nancy Berrera Flanders' 4th grade classroomEdit

Milhouse: "Bart, what did you pack for lunch? it smells like rotten fish stuffed with dirty gym socks."

Bart: "That's not my lunch."

Bart: "I've taken a vow of putridity, until I get my TV rights back, I'm not bathing."

Milhouse: "You gotta give in, you're starting to smell like the crowd at a comic book convention."

Bart: "Do I smell that bad?"

Sherri: "The 3 words that best describe you, are as follows and we quote, stink...."

Terri: "Stank."

Sherri: "Stunk!"

Bart: "Wendell, what do you think?"

Wendell: "OOOOOHH!"

Bart: "Mom was right, this is getting embarrassing."

Meanwhile, outside during recess........

Bart: "C'mon! I don't smell that bad!"

On the Springfield Elementary School bus........

Otto: "Whoa, Bart, you got a pungent bouquet going."

Bart: "Sorry, I'm trying to win an argument with my mom, so I'm not bathing."

Otto: "If you're mad at her, why are you punishing the rest of us? can't you keep the stink at home?"

Bart: "That's a good idea, maybe I can!"

Bart and Milhouse get off the Springfield Elementary School bus right by the Van Houten's house.........

Milhouse: "You should wear another 5 or 6 of those."

Bart: "Forget that! I have a plan."

Milhouse: "If it involves soap, I'm all for your plan."

Bart: "Good, because I need your help, I'll meet you in your backyard tomorrow morning."

Milhouse: :"My backyard? in the morning?"

The very next morning........

Bart: "Let 'er rip!"

Milhouse turns on the garden hose........and some water sprays out.

Bart: "This is great! every morning, I'll hose off before school!"

That afternoon.........

Bart: "And after school, I'll roll around in the garbage before going home!"

Milhouse: "Eww!"

Milhouse: "You reek twice as bad as you did this morning."

Bart: "Excellent!"

Bart: "Can't you see the beauty of my plan?"

Milhouse: "Seeing it isn't the problem, it's smelling it!"

Bart rushes home back to the Simpson family's house......

Bart: "I'm home!"

Lisa: [Gags In Disgust]

Marge: "UGH!"

Santa's Little Helper: [Whimpers]

Bart: "What's for dinner?"

Lisa: "I've lost my appetite."

Meanwhile, at the dinner table........

Bart: "I'd better use a napkin, I wouldn't want to get a stain on my shirt."

Marge: "This has gone on long enough, please just take a bath, and I'll let you watch TV again."

Bart: [Thinking] "Now I've got her right where I want her."

Bart: "Oh, really? would that tell me if Krusty defeated the Space Mummy?"

Marge: "No. But....."

Bart: "These are my demands: The reinstatement all TV rights, an hour extension to my bedtime and the Krusty vs. the Monsters DVD box set! then I'll take a bath."

Marge: "Why, you little stinker! here are my demands: bedtime is an hour earlier, no DVDS, no TV ever again, and you still have to take a bath!"

Bart: "Okay, maybe I went a bit too far, how 'bout TV and a VHS copy of Krusty vs. The Space Mummy?"

Suddenly, there's a terrifying odor in the house.........

Marge: "Oh my goodness, what's that smell?"

Bart: "It smells worse than me!"

Lisa: "That's the fetid stench of evil."

Homer enters the house.........

Homer: "Hello, family!"

Homer: "Sorry, I'm late, I decided to stop off at the gym after work."

Bart: "Gym? you usually stop at Moe's, what gives?"

Homer: "I heard about my boy's noble stink strike and decided to join the cause!"

Bart: [Hack!] [Gag!]

Marge: "Homie, you aren't sleeping in my bed stinking like that!"

Homer: "That's okay, I'll share Bart's bed!"

Bart: "No way!"

Bart: "I give up! I don't care about TV, the stink strike is over! I'm taking a bath!"

Homer: "Told you I could out-stink him!"

Meanwhile in the bathroom in the bath tub...........

Bart: "Must...get...clean..."

Cut to Marge and Homer in the upstairs hallway.........



Homer: "How about a kiss for your hero!"

Marge: "Not until you take a bath!"

Homer enters the bathroom and prepares to take a bath with Bart in the bath tub.........

Homer: "Rub a dub, dub! Make room in the tub!"

Bart: "NYAAAH!"

Memorial DedicationsEdit

Dedicated to the memories of Doris Grau (1924-1995), Ron Taylor (1952-2002), George Harrison (1943-2001), Linda McCartney (1941-1998), Bob Hope (1903-2003), Johnny Carson (1925-2005), Joey Ramone (1951-2001), Johnny Ramone (1948-2004), the real Robert Goulet (1933-2007), George Carlin (1937-2008), Eartha Kitt (1927-2008), Paul Newman (1925-2008), Johnny Cash (1932-2003), the great and hilarious, Jim Varney (1949-2000) Phil Hartman (1948-1998), Michael Jackson (1958-2009), Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012) and Don Payne (1964-2013). We'll all be forever grateful.

Voice cast members creditsEdit

  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson (voice)
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson (voice)
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson (voice)
  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson (voice)
  • Billy West as the Krusty vs. the Space Mummy announcer (voice)
  • Pamela Hayden as Milhouse Van Houten and Wendell Borton (voices)
  • Russi Taylor as Sherri and Terri (voices)
  • Harry Shearer as Otto Mann (voice)
  • Frank Welker as Santa's Little Helper (puppy dog sound effects) and the Space Mummy (spooky sound effects)

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