Prologue: Theme tune introEdit

Chorus: The Simpsons...

Scene 1: The Simpson Family's house/the living roomEdit

Television Announcer: "The Krusty Monster Movie Marathon now continues with Krusty vs. The Space Mummy!"

Space Mummy: [Growling Sounds]

Marge walks into the living room........

Marge: "Bart, you've been watching that TV all weekend, you haven't moved for 2 straight days!"

Bart: "That's not true, I've been up twice to get snacks."

Marge: "When was the last time you took a bath?"

Bart: "I dunno, who cares?"

Marge: "I care, you stink! Now turn off the TV and get in the tub!"

Marge blocks the television screen......

Bart: "Mom, you make a better door than a window, move it! I can't see."


Bart: "What? you can't do that! This is a marathon! I've put a lot of work into watching 42 straight hours of Krusty fighting monsters!"

Marge: "You smell like a monster!"

Bart: "Just let me finish watching 10 more hours, and then I'll take 2 baths!"

Marge: "It's this simple, no more TV until you take a bath! so go suds up!"

Bart: "If you don't let me watch TV, I'll go on a stink strike!"

Marge: "Go ahead, but remember, you have school tomorrow, if you embarrass yourself, that's fine with me."

Bart: "I have not yet begun to stink."

Homer walks in with a medium blue popcorn bowl...........

Homer: "What was all that about?"

Marge: "He's going on a stink strike."

Homer: "Ooh, I love those, don't worry, if it gets too bad, I know how to take care of it."

Scene 2: Springfield Elementary School/Nancy Berrera Flanders' 4th grade classroom Edit

Milhouse: "Bart, what did you pack for lunch? it smells like rotten fish stuffed with dirty gym socks."

Bart: "That's not my lunch."

Bart: "I've taken a vow of putridity, until I get my TV rights back, I'm not bathing."

Milhouse: "You gotta give in, you're starting to smell like the crowd at a comic book convention."

Bart: "Do I smell that bad?"

Sherri: "The 3 words that best describe you, are as follows and we quote, stink...."

Terri: "Stank."

Sherri: "Stunk!"

Bart: "Wendell, what do you think?"

Wendell: "OOOOOHH!"

Bart: "Mom was right, this is getting embarrassing."

Meanwhile, outside during recess........

Bart: "C'mon! I don't smell that bad!"

On the Springfield Elementary School bus........

Otto: "Whoa, Bart, you got a pungent bouquet going."

Bart: "Sorry, I'm trying to win an argument with my mom, so I'm not bathing."

Otto: "If you're mad at her, why are you punishing the rest of us? can't you keep the stink at home?"

Bart: "That's a good idea, maybe I can!"

Bart and Milhouse get off the Springfield Elementary School bus right by the Van Houten's house.........

Milhouse: "You should wear another 5 or 6 of those."

Bart: "Forget that! I have a plan."

Milhouse: "If it involves soap, I'm all for your plan."

Bart: "Good, because I need your help, I'll meet you in your backyard tomorrow morning."

Milhouse: :"My backyard? in the morning?"

The very next morning........

Bart: "Let 'er rip!"

Milhouse turns on the garden hose........and some water sprays out.

Bart: "This is great! every morning, I'll hose off before school!"

That afternoon.........

Bart: "And after school, I'll roll around in the garbage before going home!"

Milhouse: "Eww!"

Milhouse: "You reek twice as bad as you did this morning."

Bart: "Excellent!"

Bart: "Can't you see the beauty of my plan?"

Milhouse: "Seeing it isn't the problem, it's smelling it!"

Bart rushes home back to the Simpson family's house......

Bart: "I'm home!"

Lisa: [Gags In Disgust]

Marge: "UGH!"

Santa's Little Helper: [Whimpers]

Bart: "What's for dinner?"

Lisa: "I've lost my appetite."

Meanwhile, at the dinner table........

Bart: "I'd better use a napkin, I wouldn't want to get a stain on my shirt."

Marge: "This has gone on long enough, please just take a bath, and I'll let you watch TV again."

Bart: [Thinking] "Now I've got her right where I want her."

Bart: "Oh, really? would that tell me if Krusty defeated the Space Mummy?"

Marge: "No. But....."

Bart: "These are my demands: The reinstatement all TV rights, an hour extension to my bedtime and the Krusty vs. the Monsters DVD box set! then I'll take a bath."

Marge: "Why, you little stinker! here are my demands: bedtime is an hour earlier, no DVDS, no TV ever again, and you still have to take a bath!"

Bart: "Okay, maybe I went a bit too far, how 'bout TV and a VHS copy of Krusty vs. The Space Mummy?"

Suddenly, there's a terrifying odor in the house.........

Marge: "Oh my goodness, what's that smell?"

Bart: "It smells worse than me!"

Lisa: "That's the fetid stench of evil."

Homer enters the house.........

Homer: "Hello, family!"

Homer: "Sorry, I'm late, I decided to stop off at the gym after work."

Bart: "Gym? you usually stop at Moe's, what gives?"

Homer: "I heard about my boy's noble stink strike and decided to join the cause!"

Bart: [Hack!] [Gag!]

Marge: "Homie, you aren't sleeping in my bed stinking like that!"

Homer: "That's okay, I'll share Bart's bed!"

Bart: "No way!"

Bart: "I give up! I don't care about TV, the stink strike is over! I'm taking a bath!"

Homer: "Told you I could out-stink him!"

Meanwhile in the bathroom in the bath tub...........

Bart: "Must...get...clean..."

Cut to Marge and Homer in the upstairs hallway.........



Homer: "How about a kiss for your hero!"

Marge: "Not until you take a bath!"

Homer enters the bathroom and prepares to take a bath with Bart in the bath tub.........

Homer: "Rub a dub, dub! Make room in the tub!"

Bart: "NYAAAH!"

Voice cast members creditsEdit

  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson (voice)
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson (voice)
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson (voice)
  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson (voice)
  • Billy West as the Krusty vs. the Space Mummy announcer (voice)
  • Pamela Hayden as Milhouse Van Houten and Wendell Borton (voices)
  • Russi Taylor as Sherri and Terri (voices)
  • Harry Shearer as Otto Mann (voice)
  • Frank Welker as Santa's Little Helper (puppy dog sound effects) and the Space Mummy (spooky sound effects)

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