This is a 4 disc album by Rapsta Chik.

Disc 1: TGIF

1. Yes


3. Love U

4. Never Liked U Anyway

5. Bury U And Dance On Ur Graves

6. Motherfucker

Disc 2: TGIF Pt. II


2. Don't Care

3. Tear It Up

4. Next

5. TV Show

6. Shut The Hell Up Bitch

7. Foot Rub

8. Main Event (FT. Olly Murs)

9. Funk

10. Hip Hop Star

11. Impossible

12. Years Ago

Disc 3: TGIF Pt. III

1. Fuck U (feat. Alicia Keys)

2. Compete

3. Rapsta Chik Gets Revenge

4. Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart) (feat. Young Prince)

5. Said Ur A Loser

6. TGIF (Celebration Mix) (feat. Young Prince)

7. Done My Job

Disc 4: TGIF Pt. IV: Last Friday Ever

1. Bubbles

2. Talkin' Sh*t

3. Habitat

4. Like A Wolf On The Prowl

5. Look But U Can't Touch (FT. G-Unit & Nicki Minaj)

6. Motherf***** (remix ft Azealia Banks)

7. Fuck A Hooker

8. Gimme My Muny (remix) (with Young Prince)

9. TGIF (Celebration Mix 2) (feat. Lil Wayne)

10. Sexy Lady (Woohoo) (feat. Christina Aguilera & Nicki Minaj)

11. Never Sleeping (feat P Diddy)

12. Mi Amigo

13. Our Old Love

14. Goodbye Nigga

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