TGIF Pt 7: The Hits is a greatest hits album by Rapsta Chik. It was released on June 17, 2014. It is a three disc album, one disc featuring her greatest hits, the second disc features 4 outtakes and 1 demos from previous albums, and the third featuring 6 of her music videos, including two never seen before videos. An original song called "They Be Hatin'" featuring Canadian singer Nelly Furtado was released on June 17 as a promotional single.

Disc 1: HitsEdit

1. TGIF (feat. Young Prince) (2012, from TGIF Pt. III)

2. Soldier (feat. Missy Elliott) (2011, from Stupid Boys)

3. Fantasy (2012, from Fantasy)

4. You Die Now (2013, from Ceramic Doll)

5. If You Really Want It (feat. Sarah Simpson and Young Prince) (2013, from TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns)

6. DNA (2013, from Cover Week: The EP)

7. Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart) (feat. Young Prince)  (2012, from TGIF Pt. III)

8. Airplanes (feat. Pink) (2013, from TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns)  

9. ION (Miami Club Edition) (feat. Lady Gaga) (2013, non album single)

10. Victim (feat. (2013, non album single)

11. Golden Heart Acoustic (2014, non album single)

12. You Love Me (Martin Garrix Remix) (2014, non album single)

13. 18 Carat Diamond Ring (2014, from Rapsta Chik)

14. 1999 (Simple Time) (feat. Hailee Stone) (1999, non album single)

15. UR 2 L8 (Isla Chan feat. Rapsta Chik) (2014, from It's Isla)

Disc 2: Originals and DemosEdit

1. They Be Hatin' (feat. Nelly Furtado) (2014, original recording)

2. Rapsta Chik (You Know It) (2013, outtake from Ceramic Doll)

3. Fancy Bitch (2011, outtake from Stupid Boys)

4. TGIF (Original Demo) (2006, demo of TGIF)

5. Get Outta Here (2014, outtake from Rapsta Chik)

Disc 3: Music VideosEdit

1. Reach For The Stars (video)

2. Do Dat Shit (video)

3. 18 Carat Diamond Ring (video)

4. They Be Hatin' (video)

5. Should Have Left It Alone (video)

6, TGIF (video)

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