The Cover

TGIF Pt 6 is the fourth EP by Rapsta Chik, it will be released October 14, 2013. The lead single Flashbacks will be released August 21, 2013. Rapsta leaked two songs "Car Journey" and "Feeling That I Got" online, but confirmed that both of them were not the lead singles. Car Journey will be the second single released on September 1, 2013, #IH8U will be promotional 1 and Feeling That I Got will be promotional 2, both will be released on the same date (which is unknown).


1. C.H.I.K. (remix) (feat. Helena Fasesha)

2. Flashbacks (feat. Disclosure and Icona Pop)

3. #IH8U

4. Damn, Bitch!

5. Car Journey

6. Feeling That I Got

bonus track

7. Young Prince and Rapsta Chik Present: The Noise (teaser)

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