The TGIF Tour is a tour by British/American rapper Rapsta Chik.

Tour Dates to be 31st of May 2013 to 1st of July and Rapsta Chik sent an e-mail to fellow rapper Young Prince asking him to be on her tour and he will appear singing Mousetrap and TGIF (Remix) with her. 

Setlist (not in any paticular order)

  1. Mousetrap & TGIF (Both Remixes) mashup (with Young Prince and Lil Wayne)
  2. Fuck U (with Alicia Keys)
  3. TGIF (solo version)
  4. Fuck With Me (with Young Prince)
  5. Said U R A Loser
  6. Lazers Never Die
  7. Ceramic Doll (with
  8. Unicorn (with Ke$ha)
  9. Soldier (with Missy Elliott)
  10. 4 O'Clock (with Jane Mik)
  11. Look But U Can't Touch (with G-Unit and Nicki Minaj)
  12. Dancefloor Freak (piano version and solo version)
  13. Goodbye Nigga
  14. Sneak preview of My Style ft Beyonce
  15. Bye Bye (with all the guests) 

    Rapsta's logo

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