TRAKZ Don't Stop is the debut EP by American disc jockey DJ TRAKZ. It features the singles "Party People" and "Shout". A release date was confirmed for June 27, 2014. The EP features two instrumentals. In August 2014 the EP was announced to be released in the UK with different songs on September 29, 2014. The track "Run It" will be on Rapsta Chik's seventh album. DJ TRAKZ released a poll to decide between "Wanting", "Run It" or "I Want You". Run It was eventually released as a single on September 3, 2014. The UK Version will feature a disk of all the songs TRAKZ has remixed.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Shout (feat. Rapsta Chik)
  2. Ravin' (feat. Bart Simpon)
  3. Love Hurts (feat. Jane Mik)
  4. Do You Know How To Party
  5. Party People (feat. Helena Fasesha)
  6. 1LUV (feat. Felicia)
  7. Show You (feat. Young Prince)
  8. Tonight Is The Night
  9. Trance (vs. David Guetta, Amara, Rachel Layton)

U.K. Version Track ListingEdit

  1. I Want You (feat. Cashmere Cat and Amara)
  2. Run It (with Rapsta Chik)
  3. Party People (feat. Helena Fasesha)
  4. Shout (feat. Rapsta Chik)
  5. 1LUV (feat. Felicia)
  6. Lover (feat. Ashley Simpson)
  7. Wanting (feat. DJ Mustard and Ariana Grande)

TRAKZ MixesEdit

  1. Rachel Layton feat. DJ TRAKZ - Samurai (Remix)
  2. Rapsta Chik & DJ TRAKZ feat. Young Prince - Should Have Left It Alone (Remix)
  3. Rapsta Chik & DJ TRAKZ - Can't Stop Me (DJ TRAKZ Remix)
  4. Austin Greyhound & DJ TRAKZ - We Could Be Humans (TRAKZ RMX)
  5. Helena Fasesha & DJ TRAKZ feat. LaQuaria Ghetti - PARTY (DJ TRAKZ Remix)
  6. LaQuaria Ghetti feat. DJ TRAKZ - On Da Dancefloor (Extended Mix)

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