TSANG Episode 1 - The Return of The Simpsons
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"The Return of The Simpsons" is the first episode of the LosSims2 fanfiction series The Simpsons: A New Generation.


Here in Springfield; again. Augh! If Homer could only be 1 minute without sleeping.

"Homer!" shouted Marge "Homer!"

"What! What happened?"

"Wake up!"

"Wha, wha... Why!"

"We reached Spriengfield!"

He could be a better husband... I wished!

The Simpsons went out of the car to see the Flanders receiving them with joy.

"What a bless!" Said Ned while waving Homer's hand

Sleepily, Homer took away the hand of the stupid Flander away.

"I want to sleep" he yelled.

"Well, just fall down and I will hit you. Then, you'll be asleep." Said Bart, doing his mallevolous laugh.

"Little demon" insulted Homer while extrangulating Bart. "You are a..."

I think the rest is done by itself.


Oh, my best villager was back. The wonderful buyer. He would drink tones of beer when he entered my bar!

Moe was reflexioning when Lenny entered by the door.

"Hi Moe" he said softly, "A beer, please"

"Sure, and... Have you seen Barney"

"He goes and comes. He's like a fast cheeta. With the difference that is alcoholic"

"Hi friends, I'm back!" Said Homer while standing on the door

"Homer!", both Lenny and Moe exclaimed. "You're back"

"Yup. And with a good notice...!"

"What is it?" Asked Lenny

"You won't know till' tomorrow (It's under confirmation)!"

"Oh, what a pleasure to meet you again" Said Moe, adding: "The first beer's free!"

"Woo Hoo!" Exclaimed Homer...

"Oh, but I have no more beer!"


Jaja... A good joke to tell Homer. If he could have taken me to the Las Vegas 2 week trip! Oh, such a good times!


"Homer! Snack's ready"

Running as the fastest animal of the world, Homer got his snack, kissed Marge's cheek and went, on his car, to his job.

"I don't understand why he's always going quickly to everywhere!" Asked Lisa, puzzled.

"Boys, just like the ones I don't understand". Marge sighted, "If I could only have one more night as a single.

"Mom, remember you told me you never had a bachelorette? We'll do you one... Like if tomorrow was the last day of our lifes!" Lisa laughed... "Jiji, I didn't meant that!"


"But I know how to sing!"

"Next!" Exclaimed Skinner

Mmh, the school musical. Maybe, if I could get the lead, I would be more popular. Aha! I will audition.

"Oh, Lisa! What a surprise!" Said Inspector Chalmers, watching Lisa get on stage.

"My name is Lisa Simpson and I will audition with "When You Wish Upon A Star" from Disney's Pinnochio"

"Go ahead"

"When You Wish Upon a Star, Makes No difference who you are." Sang Lisa "Anything your heart desires, Will come to you"

"If your heart is in your dreams, No request is to extreme; When You Wish Upon a Star, As dreamers do"

"When you wished upon a star" Finished Lisa "Your dreams come true!"

"Bravo!" Exclaimed the judges. "You're an excelent part for Juliet, the lead female.

Lisa, surprised, runned away and read the inscription paper...

School Musical

2011 - Romeo and Juliet

Audition for the best musical of Shakespeare ever!

You must sing!

What had she done?

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