TSANG Episode 2 - Lisa Goes Gaga
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'"Lisa Goes Gaga'" is the second episode from the series The Simpsons: A New Generation, written and directed by user LosSims2.


"D-D-D-D-D" Lisa sang on her karaoke "D-D-D-D-D"

"Some girls won't dance to the beat of the track. She won't walk away, but she won't look back. She looks good but her boyfriend says she's a mess. She's a mess, she's a mess. Now the girl is dressed. She's a mess, she's a mess. She's a mess, she's a mess."

"Baby love to dance in the dark. Cos when he's looking she falls apart. Baby love to dance in the dark."

"Baby love to dance in the dark. Cos when he's looking she falls apart. Baby love to dance, Love to dance in the dark."

"Margerine, Maggie, Lisa. Tell them how you feel..."

She was singing when Marge plugged off the microphone.

"Why?" Screamed Lisa.

"You have to concentrate on your study!"

"Yes, mom" Replied Lisa

Augh! This Lady Gaga with her songs and dirty words. How I wish she couldn't exist!


"Breakfast's ready!" Shoured Marge.

"Woo hoo!" Exclaimed Homer, while going down the stairs.

"Mom! I have good news!" Said Bart.

"Yeah, Bart. What happens?"

"Lady Gaga's coming to Springfield!" Said Bart.

"Oh, my god!" Exclaimed Lisa.

"You can't go to watch her. She's like Tabitha Vixx. A heart-breaker that acts half naked on stage!" Marge screamed angry. "You are with me, right Homer?"

"Yeeaah!" Homer said hiding his Lady Gaga hat and ticket for the show behind his seat. "She's right, you can't go watch her."

"But dad, you are going to watch her!" Deduced Lisa.

"Wha... Wha... Why do you think that?" Homer asked.

"Because you have you tickets behind your back"

"Homer, is that true?" Marge said.

"No, girl! How can I do that?"


Lisa entered Bart's room.

"I really wanted to see Gaga!"

"Me too! I know that it's strange but it's the sensation of the moment and it's going to happen like with Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie" Bart said.

"It's that it's not fair!"

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, woah."

"Whenever I'm dressed cool. My parents put up a fight." Lisa started singing. "And if I'm hot show. Mom will cut my hair at night."

"And in the morning. I'm short of my identity. I scream mom and dad. Why can't I be who I wanna be?. To be."

"I just wanna be myself and I want you to love me for who I am. I just wanna be myself and I want you to know. I am my hair."

"I've had enough. This is my prayer. That I'll die livin' just as free as my hair. I've had enough. This is my prayer. That I'll die livin' just as free as my hair. I've had enough. I'm not a freak. I've just keep fightin' to stay cool on these streets. I've had enough, enough, enough. And this is my prayer, I swear. I'm as free as my hair. Oh oh-oh. Oh oh-oh. I am my hair. Oh oh-oh. Oh oh-oh."

Bart clapped to the rythim of the song.

"It was amazing" He said.

"Oh, I would love to see her."

"I don't recommend you to do that. The last time I escaped from house, Milhouse's dad went to prison!"

"Yeah, I remember" Lisa exclaimed. "But this is different, the concert starts at 1 a.m."

"Oh, Jesus!"

"I thought the same!"


"Ok, kids. Have you done the homework of Latin gods?" Mrs. Krabappel asked.

"Oh, I forgot." Bart said to himself.

"Ha ha" Nelson, that had heard Bart, laughed.

"Oh, I know. I'll do it now quickly." Bart exclaimed "So, thi... Gaga. Oh, I really woul..."

"Bart! Your homework!" Edna said.

"You see... I had a problem..."

"Give to me the homework!"

"Mrs... It's 'Give the homework to me' " Said Lisa that was entering the class to look for Bart.

"Yeah, I k-neee-eewww-ww it!" Edna said later.

Everybody laughed.

"Inspector Archundia is looking for Bart!"

"Ok! You're safe now Bart... But you'll see!"


"What does Inspector Archundia want?" Bart screamed.

"He doesn't want to see you." She said "I want to see you!"

"Sister, you're scaring me"

"I've got... tickets for Lady Gaga!"

"Oh, my god!" Exclaimed Bart.


"Ready for the escape!" Asked Bart

"Yeah, no one's going to know!"

"We're going to be the stars at school!"

"I will ask an autograph to Lady Gaga"

"Little monsters rule!"

"C'mon, let's take our bikes."

The both of them catched the bikes and began to pedal.

"I swear that when I get there I will take this black 'ninja' oufit and let myself in the preety outfit I bought for this day!" Lisa said happily.

"Still dreaming!" Bart laughed.


"Ha! Stupid family. They will never know I came to this concert. I ♥ Lady Gaga!"

What! Bart and Lisa are there!


"Ahh!" Bart and Lisa shouted.


"Ahh" Bart and Lisa shouted. They quickly threw into the bushes.

"They will never let us live our life" Lisa said "We better get into the car."

"He isn't here!"

"But where is he going?" Asked Lisa

"The show!" Both exclaimed.


What have I done! Are they OK. What if I had killed them?

"Ladies and gentlemen. We're glad to present you the opening act for The Monster Ball Tour. Please, say hello to David Guetta!"

"Nobody tells me what to do!" Homer exclaimed.

"They actually do!" Said Burns, in Homer's head


Lisa and Bart managed to get into the show.

"We missed the first part!" Bart said.

"No we didn't. This is David Guetta. He was going to participate as opening act. I read it in the news." Lisa corrected.


"Kids!" Homer exclaimed.

"Homer!" Both said.

"What are you doing here?"

"What are YOU doing here!"

"Well, I just love Lady Gaga!"

A slaughterous silence make owner of the room.

"Now, lets give a big clap to Lady Gaga on 'The Monster Ball Tour'!"

"Woo" Everybody exclaimed.

"I don't speak Sheiße but I can if you like!" Said Lady Gaga, when appearing. "Hi, little monsters!"

"Hi!" The crowd answered.

"Are you feeling sexy!"

"Yeah!" Everybody shouted.

"Are you ready to scream!"


"So put up your Good Vibrations to shout!"

"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Let's have some fun, this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Hey!"


"Augh! Now Homer's gone! The only truth is that he's gone to see Lady Gaga. I knew it!" Marge said to herself.

Back in the concert.

"You know what, little monsters? When I was little I was never the wanted. Now, here in Springfield, again from the last time I was here! Was it two years ago? I only want to say..."

It's been a long time since I came around, It's been a long time but I'm back in town. And this time, I'm not leaving without you. You taste like whiskey when you kiss me all, I'd give anything again to be your baby doll, Yeah this time I'm not leaving without you."

"You said sit back down where you belong, In the corner of my bar with your high heels on. Sit back down on the couch where we, made out the first time and you said to me:"

"There's something, something about this place. Something about the lonely night and my lipstick on your face. Something, something about my cool Spriengfield guy. There's something about, baby, you and I."

"It's been a long time since I came around, It's been a long time but I'm back in town. And this time, I'm not leaving without you."

Clapping, clapping, CLAPPING!

"Thank you, it's a pleasure to come to Spriengfield. Please, let me tell you goodbye with this beautiful song."

"This is the best concert ever!" Bart exclaimed.

"I agree!" Lisa said.

"Oh. Tonight I'm gonna show. That what I'm made up for. The killer queen inside me. Coming to say Hello!..."


"She won't know!" Homer told to the kids.

"What if she woke up?" Bart, negativetly, said.

"It's 4 am!" Homer said finishing the conversation.

Homer looked at his bag. He had a message.

" 'Hi Homer. It's Marge. I don't know where all of you guys are at. I just want you to know it's 4 am. Bye' "

"Sitting here feeling kinda crazy. But not just any crazy. It's the kind you feel when you love somebody. And I know that my baby. Is calling somebody else baby. And I can't sit still. Look how gone it got me."

"Who knew that my heart could have a bruise? You see this scar here on my chest? I'm hurting and he don't even care."

"It's 4 AM and my lover won't answer. He's probably somewhere with a dancer. Sippin' champagne while I'm in his bed."

"It's 4 AM and I think I might lose it. This drunk thinking I'm stupid. He must've bumped his head. Don't he know it's 4 AM."

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