""Don't You Wanna Know" is the third episode of the fan fiction The Simpsons: A New Generation. It was written and directed by user LosSims2.
TSANG Episode 3 - Don't You Wanna Know
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"Ha ha ha!" Exclaimed Lisa while entering home.

She really felt that that had been the best night in her whole life. But Homer didn't feel the same after hearing Marge's message. He went running upstairs and saw Marjorie sleeping.

"Thank god!" He though.

"I think we should do something good for mum" Said Bart.

"I don't know, Bart" Replied Lisa. "What can we give her?"

"Yesterday, I heard you and mom talking about she had never had a bachellorette party. We should do one for her!"

"Bart, that's very difficult!"

"Don't you wanna know how good will mom feel if she accomplishes her dreams?" Bart asked.

"Yeah, I do" Lisa replied... "But..."

"We're doing her party!"


"Homer! I had an awful dream last night!" Marge told Homer.

"What happened dear angel?" Asked Homer

"I couldn't see any of you four at home and I sent a message on the phone to you and you didn't reply! It was awful"

"It was just a dream, honey!"

"It was just a dream, honey" Homer started singing. "Like when you realized. You weren't here. Do you remember that night?"

"I was here for you. All the time of your life. How could I let you go. With other men by your side."

"Couldn't let Bart, Lisa or Janet"

"It's Maggie!" Laughed Marge.

"Wouldn't be what I do. Oh, no!"

"Homer, that was the song you wrote for are wedding!" Said Marge "And you still remember it!"

"Welcome to your bachelorette!" Homer exclaimed jumping on the bed. "I really love you, but's time for you to have your own time!"

"Oh, homer!" Sighed Marge.

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