TSANG Episode 5 - The Movie, Pt. 2
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The Movie (part 1 & 2) are episodes four and five from LosSims2's fanfiction The Simpsons: A New Generation. They were written and directed both by LosSims2.... , 's's ..


Why would they call me? Why is Bart with that black dressed man? Why am I thinking all this? I must go and see what happens.

"Hi, I'm Lisa. Lisa Simpson" Lisa said.

"We're so sorry to call you at this time of the morning" Said the man ", but your father wants to tell you something that's very personal"

"It's ok!" Said Bart

"No, it's not!" Lisa exclaimed "I don't wanna miss classes because my father doesn't know how to pick a phone!"

"Yes he does" Said the man ", but he wants to tell you on your face"

"Well, I don't think to move from here!" Lisa said, going back to the auditorium "Mhh!"


"Mr. Simpson" Said the man, arriving at Simpson's house "I couldn't convince Lisa of coming, I'm sorry."

"Homer, you can't tell only one of them." Marge told Homer "I'll go to school and bring Lisa on my own!"

"O...kay" Homer said.

Oh, Lisa! You're making an error. You don't want to come to your grampa's funeral!

"Lisa!" Marge said entering to the auditorium. "Lisa! Come here right now!"

"Oh, now you mom" Said Lisa "Why is it so important?"

"You don't think you grampa's funeral is important!?" Marge exclaimed and asked at the same time.

A silence make owner of the room. Quickly, Skinner told Lisa to go.


"I'm so sorry mom." Lisa said "I didn't really know why this was."

"Shut up!"

The car arrived home. Lisa went out of the car to meet the men in black and her dad.

"Sometimes, life isn't forever... You know kids?" Homer started "And sometime that life is of someone near you, like Grampa."

"Grampa's dead?" Asked Bart, sadly

"Yeah, he's dead. And we're doing his funeral."

Both, Bart and Lisa started crying.


"So, I know what to do!" Homer said; a new day starting "The movie will be called 'The Adventures of Abraham Simpson' and it will be based on Grampa's adventures"

Suddenly, a music started to sound.

"He left no time to regret." The unknown voice sung. "Kept his lips wets. With his same old safe bet. Me and my head high. And my tears dry. Get on without my guy. You went back to what you knew. So far removed from all that we went through. And I tread a troubled track. My odds are stacked. I'll go back to black."

They finally found the place where the sounds came from. The TV. But, Homer knew that face. It was his mother! But, wasn't she dead?

"We only said good-bye with words. I died a hundred times. You go back to her. And I go bact to..."

Homer suddenly screamed.

"What happened?" Asked Lisa.

The corpse of his mother was lying on the floor, after it was cremated and thrown with the wind. How could this happen?

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