TWERK is a single by Rapsta Chik & Helena Fasesha.

Twerk cover

The Cover

I'm dancing

In Vegas

Gambling all my money, I'm winning

The boys try, grab my ass

I smack their hands away

I feel good

I feel naughty

I get up off my seat

I whip and twerk (go Fasesha)

Chorus: Helena Fashesha

These boys are trying to grab grab grab me

I whip em whip em with a twerk move

I get up and rip those jeans off

Them boys all pass out when I

Twerk twerk twerk twerk, twerk twerk twerk twerk

Music VideoEdit

The video premiered on August 14, 2013. It featured Chik and Fasesha (in mini dresses) being groped by men in suits and the two women twerk causing the men's heads to explode, killing them instantly. A lyric video was posted on VEVO which featured a lightning background, the lyric video was controversial because when the letter "O" appeared in the song, it would be replaced by animated female buttocks.

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