Tales from Springfield (also known as The Simpsons: Tales from Springfield) is an animated series made after The Simpsons, the first series, ended.


Season 1
Episode Number: Episode Title: Episode Plot: Screenshot:
1 Welcome Back, Simpsons The Simpsons return to Springfield, only to find that it's a bit different.
2 Bart's New Friend

Bart makes friends with the new kid, Jack, which makes Millhouse jealous.

3 No Dogs Go To Heaven Santa's Little Helper is sick and presumably dying, and the Simpsons bring him to the vet.
4 Say Your Prayers, Homer After Reverend Lovejoy is hit by a car and nearly killed, Ned Flanders briefly takes his place, and tries to get Homer to actually pay attention in church.
5 Everything Burns Burns' most prized posession is stolen, and he goes to extreme measures to get it back.
6 Chief Nick After Dr. Nick somehow stops a robber, he is chosen to replace Chief Wiggums, who has been framed for a crime.
7 Homer & Lisa   After spending more time with Lisa, Homer begins to see things the way she does and decides to be more like her.
8 Bartman Returns Bart uncovers a conspiracy involving Principal Skinners and sets out to get to the bottom of it, disguising himself as the superhero Bartman to do so.
9 Smithers on the Roof Smithers is fired and tries to find a new job, which isn't as easy as it looks.
10 The Lying King Ned Flanders tells his a lie for the first time ever, and makes a promise to himself to never do so again. However, he soon discovers he can't stop lying, and freaks out because of it.
11 A Day in the Life of Snake Jailbird Snake is arrested for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart (again) and is put in jail, where he and his mysterious cellmate Robert plan on escaping, but Robert has an evil plan of his own.
12 Treehouse of Terror On Halloween night, Bart and his friends hide in the cemetary after egging Skinner's house, and decide to tell scary stories.
13 Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace Marge has a terrifying recurring nightmare, and decides to find out what it means.
14 Bart Has a Girlfriend Lisa finds out that Bart is dating somebody, and tries to find out who, but Bart refuses to tell her.
15 A Death in the Simpsons Family, Pt. 1 An epic 2-part thriller in which one of the many citizens of Springfield actually dies!
16 A Death in the Simpsons Family, Pt. 2 In the second part of the shocking story, the character who dies is revealed, and Springfield will never be the same!
17 Sing a Song of Springfield
18 Homer Knows Worst
19 A Simpsons Christmas
20 In Bart We Don't Trust
21 Millhouse of Horror
22 Marge Vs. Ned
23 Everyone Hates Burns
24 Krusty the Kriminal
25 Maggie Graduates
26 The Springfield Zone

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