That's The Way It Goes

Isla goes

March 7, 2014
Dance pop
Isla Chan, Helena Fasesha, Felicia Brooks
Rapsta Chik

 That's The Way It Goes is the second single by Isla Chan.



That's the way it goes

Theres no point tryna fight

Thats the way it goes

Your sleepin somewhere else tonight

(verse 1)

You fooled with her every night

Had no idea what was wrong

I looked through your phone and

I saw a text from her

I walked up to you

Angriest in my life

You couldnt deny it

I had evidence

(pre chorus)

Now my friends are telling me

I told you so Isla its your fault

You stayed with him and he broke your heart

I walked up to him and told that cheating mofo


Thats the way it goes

Theres no point trying to fight

That's the way it goes

Your sleeping somewehre else tonight

And tell that hoe

That she can have you

That's the way it goes

You blew your last chance

la la la la la la la la la

la la la la la la la la la la

la la la la la

Thats the way it goes

Your out, gimme your key!

Music VideoEdit

A video premiered March 9, 2014. It featured Isla lying in bed with her boyfriend (played by her friend musician Nick Riverra). Isla checks through her boyfriend's phone and sees a flirty text from another woman (played by Amara) in lingerie. Isla wakes her boyfriend up and they get in a huge fight, leading Isla to throw his clothes out the closet and into the street, take his key and lock him out the apartment. A week later Isla is shown walking down the street with her friends (played by Rapsta Chik and Jane Mik) and seeing her ex-boyriend in the coffee shop with the girl he cheated on Isla with. Isla and her friends walk in and casually pour coffee them, Isla slaps her ex and she and the girls run out laughing and Isla texting her ex "I hope you and your hoe-ish new girlfriend burn in hell!" before deleting his number. A behind the scenes was released later that day.

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