The Complete Seventeenth Season is the official Simpsons boxed set of the Seventeenth Season. The cover is dark blue and has Duffman on the front and the theme is the Duff Brewery.


Disc 1Edit


  • Bonfire of The Manatees
  • The Girl Who Slept Too Little
  • Milhouse of Sand and Fog
  • Treehouse of Horror XVI
  • Marges Son Poisoning

Menu Scenario Marge with Bart on their bike for two, Lisa, Milhouse and Mr Burns with a shot gun are in line to enter the Duff Brewery. Marge gives bart a cookie but Milhouse teases him so Bart storms of and returns as a robot Bart from Treehouse of Horror XVI. Lisa yawns and Marge gives her a cookie. Duffman lets Milhouse and Lisa through and Homer joins the que but is chased by Mr Burns. Then a witch flies past and turns everyone into pacifiers.

Special Features

  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Language Featurette
  • Can't Get Enough Duff

Disc 2Edit


  • See Homer Run
  • The Last Of The Red Hat Mamas
  • The Italian Bob
  • Simpsons Christmas Stories
  • Homers Paternity Coot
  • We're On The Road to D'ohwhere

Menu Scenario Homer the Safety Salamander, Homers long lost father, Red Hat Marge and Sideshow Bob are in line. Marges hat blows away and Homer catches it and hands it to Marge. Homers father pats him on the backand Bob pats him on the back. Duffman lets Homer and his father through and boot camp Bart joins the que. Marge grabs the axe of it and throws it but it cuts Bobs hair. He runs away and sulks and his wife and son comfort him. Then three wise men enter the que.

Special Features

  • Commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • It's Duffman
  • Moes Tavern

Disc 3Edit


  • My Fair Laddy
  • The Seemingly Never-Ending Story
  • Bart Has Two Mommies
  • Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
  • Million Dollar Abie
  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore

Menu Scenario Bullfighter Grandpa, Mr Burns, The New Willie and The Rich Texan are in line. The Rich Texan blasts his guns in the air. Mr Burns backs away and Homer replaces him. Homer charges at Grandpa but he misses and knocks Duffmans Duff Beer and spills it. He is denied acess but Grandpa is granted acess. Willie tap dances as Marge enters and kisses Homer. They are both let in and Bart, Rod and Todd enter who are being chased by a mad gorilla. Willie is let in and runs while Marges false Husband enters.

Special Feature

  • Commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Language Featurettes
  • Sketch Gallery 1
  • The Seemingly Never-Ending Award

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