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The Eyes
The official poster
Directed By Declan Desmond
Produced By Declan Desmond
Written By Declan Desmond
Starring Amara

Chad True

LaQuaria Ghetti

Robbie Amell

Rapsta Chik

Sarah Muntz

Music By Hans Zimmer


Editing By Declan Desmond
Studio Horrific Pictures
Distributed By Horrific Pictures
Running Time 124 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget {{{Budget}}}

The Eyes is a 2014 supernatural horror film. It is about a cursed poem that lies in an abandoned house in a field. When the storyline was revealed, it was compared to the 2002 horror film The Ring. The movie will be released through Horrific Pictures Studio and will premiere June 13, 2014. It is a mixture of Nightmare on Elm Street and The Ring. The movie was a big success and spawned two sequels, "The Eyes: Darkness" in January 2015 and "The Eyes: Confrontation" in June 2016, as well as a prequel "Eye" due for late 2017.


Ellie-May (Rapsta Chik) is a teenage girl, but something is off about her. For the past two weeks she has been scared of something, and has only confided in one friend about it. Ellie-May has 3 hours to live, and sure enough she dies. After her sister Janice (Amara) finds her dead, across the road Ellie-May's best friend Deborah (Sarah Muntz) is also found dead. At the funeral Janice and her boyfriend Tyler (Robbie Amell) and her friend Farrah (LaQuaria Ghetti) decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate. But along the way, they find a poem said to be cursed, they read it and they get a text telling them they have two weeks to live, exactly like Ellie-May. Can Janice save everyone before the two week deadline is up?


Amara as Janice, the older sister of Ellie-May. Her and her brother Laki make it their mission to investigate Ellie-May's death. She survives the curse.

Chad True as Laki, the younger brother of Ellie-May. He and Janice investigate Ellie-May's death. He survives the curse.

Robbie Amell as Tyler, Janice's boyfriend. He apparently knew that Ellie-May was going to die. He is killed by the curse.

Rapsta Chik as Ellie-May, the sister of Janice and Laki, she dies at the beginning of the film, and when her siblings investigate her death. The only clue she leaves for them is the screaming face with no sound coming out, and her dark, black eyes.

LaQuaria Ghetti as Farrah, Janice's best friend, she, along with Tyler and Janice, read the poem and become convinced they will die. She is killed by the curse.

Sarah Muntz as Deborah Sting, a teen girl who is found a day after Ellie-May. She is also a victim of the eyes.

Cristine Rose as Danielle, The mother of Ellie May, Janice and Laki. She is devastated by Ellie May's death and begs for Janice to investigate. At the end, Janice gives the poem to her to save Laki from the curse, in a post credits scene it is revealed she died.

Mackenzie Foy as Lilee, a girl who went missing years ago and was believed to be murdered, it is believed that she wrote the poem before she died. She wrote the poem as a ghost and created the curse after her mother killed her.

Felicia as herself (cameo appearance): American rapper/singer, she had a small cameo in the film performing at a concert.

Lana Del Rey as Ellie-May's friend.


The film was announced in the late Fall/early Winter of 2013. So far two trailers have been released. On May 25, 2014 the opening scene of the movie was released.

The opening scene begins with Ellie-May seemingly having phone sex with Janice's boyfriend Tyler, until she looks at the clock and tells Tyler to stop. Ellie-May starts freaking out and tells Tyler that she got a text from an unknown number saying she had two weeks to live after she read a poem, and that she is three hours away until the two weeks are up. Tyler calls Ellie-May crazy and hangs up, but looks kind of worried. Ellie May then goes to sleep and the scene goes into her dream. In her dream she is going around the house very worried, she opens the door to the bathroom and washes her hands. She looks in the mirror and a ghostly creature is seen in the mirror briefly. It then zooms out the dream as Ellie-May is screaming with her eyes turning black and her face turning white, the title card of the movie then appears.

On June 6, 2014 a short film prequel called "Eye" was released, it will be included on the DVD release of The Eyes.


The Eyes: Official Soundtrack


June 12, 2014
Soundtrack Score
Amara van Helsan, Samantha Drake, Felicia Brooks, Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer, Young Prince, Amara van Helsan
Released: May 19, 2014

The official soundtrack will be released June 12, 2014, a day before the films release. The official soundtrack single is "Horrify" by cast members Amara and LaQuaria Ghetti. The soundtrack was made available to pre-order on iTunes on May 11, 2014. All songs are by Hans Zimmer unless noted. The soundtrack features the songs "Now" and "After Hours" by Felicia who has a small cameo in the film, however, both songs are slightly shorter than the original.

Track ListingEdit

  1. I Read It
  2. The Nightmare
  3. Ellie-May's Funeral
  4. They Read It
  5. The Journey
  6. Who Wrote It
  7. Lilee's Theme
  8. Now (The Eyes Edit) (performed by Felicia)
  9. After Hours (The Eyes Edit) (performed by Felicia)
  10. Something Strange In The Mirror
  11. Laki Has Two Weeks
  12. The Journey Part II
  13. Always Keep The Eyes Open
  14. Lilee's Theme Part II
  15. Janice Falls
  16. The Discovery
  17. Lilee's Theme Part III
  18. Why
  19. Mom, I Need To Show You This
  20. Lilee's Theme Part IV
  21. Horrify (performed by Amara featuring LaQuaria Ghetti)

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