The Eyes: Darkness is a sequel to 2014 horror film The Eyes. The first film and parts of the sequel were filmed back to back. The only cast members who were in the first film who will be featured are Amara, Chad True, Mackenzie Foy and LaQuaria Ghetti, who all appeared as main characters in the first film. On August 18, more information about the film was revealed in a press conference by all the cast members. Information revealed were new cast members (Rachel Layton and Mila Kunis), the films plot, and planned release. The release of the film was in December 1, 2014, but it was changed to January 21, 2015. Also a third film is planned in the series, and the third film will be filmed throught 2015, and Rachel Layton will be the lead in the third film. However, Amara will have a lead role as Janice as a voiceover, and she will give Liza advice on how to get rid of Lilee. On August 19, 2014, the first trailer was released. The film was a moderate success. A third film titled "The Eyes: Confrontation" was June 2016 and a prequel titled "Eye" will be released in late 2017.


After her sister and mother are killed by the evil spirit of a young girl named Lilee, Janice and her brother Laki flee to a new town. They befriend Liza, and as the spirit of Lilee has followed them (they accidentally took the cursed poem with them) Laki is possesed by her. Janice finds more about Liza and eventually realises childhood pictures of her bear a striking resemblace to Lilee, and later on finds out she is Lilee's niece. Janice is scared by the fact that her little brother is now completely controlled by Lilee, and after a confrontation with the spirit, Janice meets an older version of Lilee in an alternate universe, but when she informs her that she had powers and was killed as a child in reality, Janice ends up destroying the alternate universe, and being killed by Lilee (in Laki's body). Laki is now completely controlled by Lilee with no hope of being freed, until Liza makes it her mission to destroy her aunt and avenge Janice, but doing so could possibly kill Laki, so she must do it carefully.


Amara as Janice: A teenage girl who encounters a cursed poem. After her friends are killed by the entity that cursed the poem, she gives it to her mother, who reads it to save Laki, and she allows herself to be killed to end the curse. Janice flees with Laki after her death. In the sequel, it is revealed that halfway through the movie Janice will be killed by Laki, who was taken over by Lilee. Janice was later ressurrected.

Rachel Layton as Liza: A girl who lives next door to Janice, they become friends, but Liza is the daughter of Lilee's brother, making her Lilee's niece. After Janice finds out she tells Liza about her evil deceased aunt, and after Janice's death she attempts to destroy Lilee once and for all.

Chad True as Laki: A young boy who after his mother dies to save him, flees with his sister. In this film it has been revealed that he will interact with Lilee, the villain, he won't be cursed again, he will be completely taken over by Lilee and kill Janice.

Mackenzie Foy as Lilee: A young girl killed by her parents after they figure out she has a demon inside her. She is the villain and she comes back for revenge, eventually possessing Laki.

Mila Kunis as Adult Lilee: She will appear in scenes showing an alternate universe, where Lilee had no powers and lived a normal life. Lilee (in Laki's body) shows Janice the alternate universe. To Adult Lilee the alternate universe is reality to her, and she has no idea what happened to her in the actual reality, until Janice and Liza tell her. Adult Lilee is stressed by what happened to her, and once she is informed this, she dissapears and so does the whole alternate universe. Meaning that Lilee now has only one fate.

LaQuaria Ghetti as Farrah: Farrah was killed by Lilee in the first film, but will return as a ghost in the sequel.


Amara confirmed on Twitter that she and LaQuaria Ghetti are currently writing a song that will continue on from the previous film's song "Horrify" that was also performed by the two. On August 18, after more of the films information was revealed, it was revealed that the theme song would be performed by Amara and Rachel Layton, and it's title is "Darkness" and it will premiere on August 24 at the 2014 SVMA's. A snippet of the song was heard in the trailer, the song was leaked low quality on August 19, so the song was uploaded to Amara's VEVO account and will be released August 25, 2014, the day after the SVMA's. In September 2014 it was announced Rapsta Chik's song "Let Me Go (I'm Better Off)" will be featured and that the soundtrack album would feature two discs, one disc would feature the film score, and another disc would featured music by Livin' Life artists for the film. When the tracklist was revealed, it excluded Let Me Go. Rachel Layton's "Running Away" will be released as a promotional single.


Disc 1

  1. On The Run From The Past
  2. New Neighbor
  3. Happy For A Second
  4. Familiarity
  5. Family Tree
  6. Lilee's Theme V
  7. The Poem
  8. Burn
  9. Possession
  10. Janice's Theme
  11. Family Showdown
  12. Buried Again
  13. Rediscover The Past

Disc 2

  1. Amara ft. Rachel Layton - Darkness
  2. Helena Fasesha - Ghost
  3. JayDee ft. Isla Chan - Burns Pt. II
  4. Amara - Following Me
  5. DJ TRAKZ - Fear
  6. Rachel Layton - Running Away

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