A collaborative posthumous mixtape by Rapsta Chik and Cory Monteith

1. Hurting (Rapsta)

2. R.I.P (Rapsta)

3. Can't Fight This Feeling (Cory)

4. Jessie's Girl (Cory)

5. Deep Love Remix (Rapsta feat Lea Michele)

6. Hello, I Love You (Cory)

7. I'll Stand By You (Cory)

8. (You're) Having My Baby (Cory)

9. Inspiring (Rapsta)

10. Jukebox Hero (Cory feat Blake Jenner)

11. Taken So Young (Rapsta Chik)

12. I Need Your Love (Lea Michele feat Rapsta Chik) (Ellie Goulding Cover)

13. Why (Rapsta)

14. Don't Stop Believing (Cory + Rapsta)

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