Plot SummaryEdit

When the evil criminal of Springfield, Snake Jailbird is finally killed and defeated by Bart Simpson A.K.A. Bartman and Milhouse Van Houten A.K.A. Fallout Boy, the entire town begins celebrating the brave young heroes' victory and Snake Jailbird being outta their clutches for good. But then he comes back to life magically, so Lisa, Marge, Homer, Maggie, Ned and everybody else teach him a lesson. He then decides to change his ways, and becomes a superhero like Bart and Milhouse. Them and the other townspeople then decide tjo keep their beloved home town safe and sound from now on.


The Revival of Snake Jailbird transcript

Snake: Oh, I feel like a woman. Oops...I meant, a man.

Moe: S'okay, Snake. We all love Shania Twain.

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