The Samantha Tour is a US tour by LaQuaria Ghetti to promote her album The Samantha Diaries. The tour was announced on August 1, 2014, along with the setlist. The opening act would have been Isla Chan.. The tour was originally planned for August 2014, but due to being the opening act of the Asian leg of the Livin' Life Tour, it was moved to September, and later moved to October. The tour was then moved to April 2015, the setlist was revealed and the tour dates will be revealed soon. Due to Isla Chan's death in 2015, the tour is moved to an undisclosed month in Summer 2015.

Setlist Edit

  1. Boss Ass Bitch
  2. On Da Dancefloor
  3. Like A Drug
  4. The Broken Hearts Song
  5. Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)
  6. Don't Call Me
  7. Let It Go (with Isla Chan)
  8. Dance and Forget
  10. Love Me
  11. Don't Wanna
  12. Hell Yeah
  13. Bling Bling
  14. Good As Me (with Isla Chan) (Rachel Layton on-screen)
  15. Blue Nissan
  16. Photographs
  17. Pretty Hurts (Beyonce cover)
  18. Pills N Potions (Nicki Minaj cover)
  19. Heavy Metal and Reflective (Azealia Banks cover)
  20. (Encore) Boss Ass Bitch/On Da Dancefloor

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