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In this spoof of The Splendid Source, Mordecai, Rigby and Homer travel, along with Fry, to find out the meaning of a joke told by Zim.


Mordecai: the story I'm telling is based on a true event, as it all started with Marge planing a vacation

homer: what else happen, let me guess we haved to use a plane instead of a train

mordecai: how did you found out

homer: well, a lucky guess of course, good thing the others are keeping incharge of the park house

while at the park house

zim:(checks his irken radar) no sign of the rabbid empire

gumball: well it seems to be strange while no signs of them

Zim: guys, guys

Mordecai: what?

Zim: this joke is funny. Okay, here it is. What did the water say to the ocean?

Homer: what?

Zim: SEA you later!

(Zim laughs)

Marge: we don't get it

Homer: well I do!

Mordecai: why? It's a lame joke!

Homer: you know the sea on the seaside and the see as in we see stuff?

Marge: oh yeah!

Mordecai: Homer, Quips told the joke before and we didn't get it, but then YOU told us that it's funny, just because there's different seas!

Homer: oh great! It pooped my pants!

gumball: oh com on its just a funny joke

(Scene switches to the living room of 742 evergreen terrace)

(Homer laughs)


(Scene switches to Marge and Homer's room. Homer then laughs)


Homer: that's it! Payback time!

(Scene switches to the park)

(Homer walks in in Zim's pants)

Homer: hey


Homer: tell the joke! Tell it

Mordecai: okay

Zim: you win, Homer! I won't tell it again

Homer: actually, I liked the joke. Where did you hear the joke, Zim?

Zim: Dipper

Homer: come on, Mordecai and Rigby! The three park workers are going to the mystery shack!

Mordecai: no way!

Rigby: yeah, and besides, jokes come from everywhere

Homer: yeah, but do you always want to find out

Rigby: yeah, but how?

Homer: a quest, Rigby, this is all for one and one for all!

(The gang get their favourite drinks, make a cheers and drink)

Mordecai: and so began our journey, starting at the mystery shack

(Scene switches to the mystery shack)

Homer: Dipper!

Dipper: hey guys! What's up?

Mordecai: we need to tell you something

Rigby: yeah, where did you hear that joke you told Zim?

Dipper: I can't tell you

Mordecai: why?

Mabel: yeah, Dipper, why?

Dipper: Grunkle Stan doesn't want me to tell other who heard of the joke!

Homer: we're just asking

Dipper: alright, I'll tell

Mordecai: so Dipper told us he heard it from Stan, Stan Soos, Soos Meg, Meg Benson, Benson Skips, Skips Bongo from Life in hell, Bongo Herbert, Herbert Chris, Chris Kent, Kent Uncle Steve, Uncle Steve Barney. So when we checked, it lent us to a bartender in New New York.

Mordecai: Homer, we can't go to New New York! Your wife is planning to spend next weekend there, and this weekend we're spending it at Marine!

Rigby: and we looked long enough! This proves that the joke doesn't have a source!

Homer: we're going anyway, Dimwitheads! Someone made it up, and he's there! And besides, we'll trick Marge into driving us to the airport when I booked! It's more fun than campfires and Marge telling grocery stories! (Imitating Marge) oh, Homer, the sliced bread was on sale, and then I found out that they faked the whole sale! And then... And then... I don't know!

mordecai, rigby and homer left to the airport

zim:(gets his irken pants back , cleans it, and puts it back on) sometimes they never stand, habed they

gumball:(shake his head yes)

at an airplane

Rigby: a bartender? So cool!

Mordecai: here's New New York, right there!

(The gang go to the bar, where their being watched by a guy in sunglasses in a black suit reading a newspaper)

Homer: alright, who told you this joke!?

(Homer gives the joke to the bartender)

(Bartender laughs)

Bartender: him!

(The scene switches to Fry and back to Homer)

Homer: FRY!?

(Scene switches to Fry as Homer walk towards him)

Fry: hey

Homer: oh my god! We didn't expect to run into you here!

(Scene switches to the planet express)

Fry: and this is the team

Homer: where's...

Fry: oh, he went to Mexico for a week

Mordecai: I can't believe that a boring man can get an awesome job!

Homer: but why the tour?

Fry: this isn't for you Homer, it's for these two. They don't know the planet express. Any questions?

Homer: yeah, where did you hear that joke you told the bartender?

Fry: oh, a bellhop from Washington, D.C

Mordecai: then that's where we need to go

Homer: also, will you come with us, Fry?

Fry: sorry, but I have work to do

Homer: oh. But if you want to come and run like we're going, you know where to find us

(Scene switches to a car, where Fry is seen running cowardly and comes closer. Golden age music is used for the scene)

(Scene switches to a bridge)

(Scene switches to the crew, plus Fry, with Homer driving, to have a close up)

Homer: I got one. What dog can't bark?

Mordecai: let me guess, a hot dog?

(The gang moan)

Homer: you totally ruined the joke, Mordecai! Now I have to tell another one! What do viruses name their boy kids?

Mordecai: let me guess, Barfolomew?

(Again, the gang moan)

Fry: it's like you know every joke Homer told us on this car trip!

(Scene switches to one of the car's windows, where it gets shot by a bullet, Scene switches to the gang, plus Fry, screaming)

Fry: what's their dam problem!?

mordecai: oh I got one joke, why did everyone lose their favorite pie

homer: because they don't know how to take care of them

thw gang moaned the third time including mordecaibut exdwpt for homer

mordecai: do you really have to steal my anwser back, homer

homer: well its not my fault that the jokes had to be stolen

(Lisa appears)

Lisa: look out!

(Scene switches to a black car, plus Homer's car, it then switches to the black car, then to Homer's car, with Fry shooting at the black car, with the black car tumbling down into ruins. The scene finally switches back to the inside of Homer's car)

Mordecai: what was that about? And who are they?

Rigby: I don't know, but I saw one of them back at the bar

Homer: are the following us?

Rigby: Either that or they just want us dead as a.. As a... Mordecai's uncle

Mordecai: and why are they wanting us dead

Fry: I guess that someone does not want us to know the joke's origin

(Scene switches outside the car)

Mordecai: we never knew how right Fry was, but what would have happened is that we would stop and go home, but what laid ahead of us is unknown. (In whisper voice) Unknown!

(Scene switches to Washington)

Homer: here we are! Washington, D.C!

Mordecai: the Scene of government seeds of communication

Rigby: I remember this! Look out there! The monument I read back at school! The Lincoln monument, (off screen) and the Obama one! (On screen) and the Vietnam war memorial

(Scene switches to Homer)

Homer: Check out that Vietnamese guy giving the business to the Vietnam vets.

Vietnamese Guy: Scoreboard! Scoreboard! Ahh what happened to your friend? Hey I know that guy; I killed him - he cry like a baby. Vietnam! Undefeated!

(Scene switches to the royale hotel, then had a close up to reveal the guys)

Fry: okay, this is where she works

(Scene switches to the inside, where the gang are seen walking in, then then it has a close up)

Fry: look, there she is! Sonja!

(Scene switches to Sonja as the gang walk to her)

Sonja: hey, Fry! What are you doing here?

Fry: my friend wants to know something

(Scene switches to Rigby)

Rigby: yeah, where did you hear that sea joke?

(Scene switches to Sonja)

Sonja: th-th-that's none of you business! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!

(Sonja runs)

Homer: don't let her escape!

(Sonja jumps on one of the suitcase carriers and gets out, with the gang chasing her. Sonja nearly run over employees and visitors as the scene switches to outside the hotel. Sonja crosses the road and the scene switches back to the gang)

Mordecai: QUICK!!!!! INTO THE CAR!!!!!!!

(The gang chase Sonja and after the gang and Sonja turn around, the car get's wrecked, with the gang flying)

Fry: I think she went to the reflection water!

(The scene switches to the reflection water)

Mordecai: crap! He's nowhere to be seen!

Homer: (looking at the gang's reflection) guys! I think they know! Excuse me, hold on. Please, pal, come on! Shut up when I'm talking! Oh that's it! Fry, get Fry, Mordecai, get Mordecai, Rigby, take Rigby and I'll get loudy mouth!

(Homer fights his reflection, but is stopped by Mordecai)

Mordecai: it's no use, we can't find it out

Narrator Mordecai: and so the journey ended. No longer we travelled, and so, we went to the car

(Scene switches to a parking lot, then the inside of the first floor)

Homer: well, this is the end of our journey. There's no source to the joke. I guess all we gotta do now is... Go home

(The scene switches to two men in black suits holding guns)

Man 1: stop right there!

(The gang gasp)

Man 2: get on the ground!

(Homer, Fry, Mordecai and Rigby lye on the floor. The men tie up the gang's, plus Fry's, hands to their backs)

Mordecai: we're terrified to learn that it was the journey's unexpected ending, but little did we know that it was just part one of the journey

(The men beat up the gang with guns, then, the scene switches to Homer, Fry, Rigby and Mordecai. The scene then switches to them all together, with Rigby, Fry, Homer and Mordecai were knocked out)

(Scene switches to a plane flying)

Mordecai: we were kidnapped, tied up, and tortured, with our hands the same as when we were knocked out by the men, going to the destination, which is proven to be unknown

(Scene switches to the inside of the plane)

Mordecai: I can't believe they took us hostage! But the most unsuspected is where we're going

Fry: I don't know, but this makes me feel as if I had a bad feeling about it

(Scene switches to Homer)

Homer: we maybe captured, but I'm not dying alone, thanks to you guys to keep me company

Rigby: That's the kindest thing I ever heard

(Scene switches to the outside of the plane)

Mordecai: after flying for hours, we finally made it to the destination

(Scene shows the island. It then switches to the plane landing on it. The gang, plus Fry, are forced to walk. The scene switches to far away from the plane, walking more, until they reach bushes, with the men revealing a Indian styled temple. The gang, plus Fry, walk on, as the scene switches to the entrance to the Indian temple)

Homer: what is this place?

Man: (appearing out of the shadows) what you were looking for

Mordecai: who the heck are you?

Man: The Dean

Rigby: of what?

The Dean: the league of joke writers

(The Dean opens the door to reveal a room full of people, books, and others. Scene switches inside the room, then the entrance)

Homer: wow. No way!

(The gang, plus Fry, walk in the room)

Homer: so, their the people who write the jokes?

The Dean: of course

Homer: isn't that Larry Flints?

(Scene switches to "Larry")

Stephen Hawking: so the guy said to a man, get back to work or your tired

(Stephan's voice box laughs)

(Scene switches back to the gang, plus Fry, and The Dean)

Rigby: and Bill Gates!

(Scene switches to Bill)

Bill: a bird eating a woodpecker, a good joke!

(Scene switches to Mordecai)

Mordecai: these people are some of the smartest ones the world has ever seen!

(Scene switches to Homer and The Dean)

Homer: not a lot of women

The Dean: yes

(Scene switches to Fry)

Fry: why the hell did you kidnap them!?

(Scene switches to The Dean)

The Dean: oh, but we didn't. (Offscreen) You see, we decided to make this their home, so they make all the world's jokes. It's been this way for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries and eras as well, men like, Einstein, Shakespeare, Melville, Dickins and more.

rigby: seriously?

The Dean: yes, let me show you around

(Scene switches to a military based computer room)

The Dean: this is the place where we hear the jokes. This way, we can tell the jokes around the world

(Scene switches to a man)

Man: here's one at a wedding

The Dean: (offscreen) show it to our visitors

(The screen shows a wedding)

Man: Bonnie's so clumsy so that she could two left feet and hands

(Scene switches to the man)

Man: here's another part of the video

(Screen shows another part)

Man: anyway, if Tom was a sign, he's say open my big fat freaking ass!

(Crowd laughs)

(Men cheer)

(Scene switches to a library)

The Dean: well, I hope you enjoy the tour

Homer: ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!?????? THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! GUYS, WE FOUND OUT THE SOURCE!!!! Oh I just hope to tell everyone about it!

The Dean: oh, I'm afraid that's quite difficult

Fry: why's that?

The Dean: well, you seen the Island, and the Island's a secret, and the source, so, we're keeping you hostage here, until your death

(Men are seen getting guns out and the gang, plus Fry, get their hands up. The scene then switches to the outside of the temple, then the inside of a room with the gang, plus Fry)

(Scene switches to Homer)

Homer: now what are gonna do?

(Scene switches to Mordecai)

Mordecai: we gotta escape!

(Rigby turns his head around and puts his hands on the bars, then sees a plane)

Rigby: I can see the plane that brought us here! I fly planes after my marriage with Leela, so I could drive us out

(Scene switches to Mordecai)

Mordecai: one of us could pretend to be hurt, then we're outta here!

(Scene switches to Homer and Fry)

Homer: hey, your right! And I got a pencil

(Homer puts the pencil in Rigby's stomach)

Fry: OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap!

Homer: hey, we got an emergency!

Fry: YOU DICK!!!!!!!!!

(Scene switches to a man)

Man: what's going on!?

(Scene switches to Mordecai and Rigby)

Mordecai: our friend's hurt and needs medical attention

(The man opens the gate and pulls out the pencil from Fry's stomach, while Mordecai knocks him out)

(Scene switches to Homer)

Homer: everyone, out!

(the gang, plus Fry, make their escape)

(Scene switches to a hallway in the temple, which is a prison. Two men in black suits go past, but no turns. Mordecai looks out)

Mordecai: hurry! We don't want to get spotted!

(The gang, plus Fry, ran as the scene switches to another hallway, in which the gang, plus Fry, run down, as the scene switches to a gallery and the exit. The gang, plus Fry, run to the first room they went to in the temple. It then switches to The Dean)

The Dean: well, it looks like you three and Fry are a problem. Kill them!

(Two men in black suits point out guns at the gang, plus Fry)

(The scene switches to Fry, Homer, Mordecai and Rigby holding their hands up as they gasp)

(An old man walks in)

Old man: oh my god, after years of research, the world's best joke is written!

(The man laughs and then lays dead on the floor)

(Scene switches to The Dean then Homer)

(Homer grabs the joke)

The Dean: give me the joke!

Homer: no!

(Homer grabs a candle)

Homer: take a step close and the paper burns!

(The Dean gasps)

(Two men come in holding guns aimed at Homer)

The Dean: do what he says!

(Homer walks away with the joke)

(Scene switches to the gang, plus Fry. The three of them run, then Homer throws the candle and runs as well)

(The candle lands at a curtain, where it burns as the scene switches to The Dean)

The Dean: PUT THE DAM FIRE OUT!!!!!!!!!!

(The men tried but failed)

(Scene switches to The Dean)

The Dean: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FIRST EVER DEAD BABY JOKE WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!

(The scene shows a dead Egyptian baby joke being burnt)

(Scene switches outside the temple where only the gang's, plus Fry's, feet are shown as they run to the plane. Rigby goes in first, then Mordecai and just in time as Rigby starts the plane, causing the two wings start and the gang, plus Fry, fly away, and the temple explodes, killing everyone inside. Scene switches to Fry)

Rigby: we were monsters, killing all jokes

(Scene switches to Mordecai)

Mordecai: not actually! Homer got the best ever written right there

(Scene switches to Homer and Rigby)

Fry: read it! I wanna find out what it is!

Homer: stop it! Okay, hear it is, Guess what? Chicken butt! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!

(Homer looks at the blank other side)

Homer: that's everything!? He researched for 100 damn years for this!?

Fry: no, this!

(Fry puts a pencil in Homer's stomach)

Homer: OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Fry: after I go back, you can take a taxi back

Mordecai: thanks

Narrator Mordecai: and that was the journey based on a true event and it was great to have Fry along, and to thank you for watching, hears a video of what we did after we escaped the island

(Scene switches to Fry singing)

Fry: I learned the truth at seventeen, That love was meant for beauty queens. In high school, girls with clear-skin smiles, Who married young and then retired.

The valentines I never knew. The Friday night charades of youth, Were spent on one more beautiful. At seventeen I learned the truth.

And those of us with ravaged faces, Lacking in the social graces, Desperately remained at home, Inventing lovers on the phone. Who called to say come dance with me. And murmured vague obscenities. It isn't all it seems, At seventeen.

A brown-eyed girl in hand-me-downs. Whose name I never could pronounce, Said, "Pity, please, the ones who serve, They only get what they deserve.

(End of The Sended Source)


  • The plot is similar to the family guy version of the story, which was a crossover with the Cleveland show, while the Sended source is a Futurama crossover
  • This episode reveals that Mordecai and Rigby never heard of the planet express
  • Despite being a Futurama crossover, Bender didn't appear. This is because Fry mentioned Bender having a 1 week vacation in Mexico
  • One of the people who heared a joke was Bongo from the inactive comic Life In Hell
  • This is the first episode to use Futurama characters in a major role
  • Lisa appears as the guide to the journey.
  • Overall, this episode is the only one to have a full length crossover with another show
  • This episode reveals that Mordecai's story from Terror Tales Of The Park II was based on a true story involving Uncle Steve's freak death
  • Fry's voice actor, Billy West guest starred for the episode
  • The episode reveals that Rigby can fly planes
  • The episode is also the sequel to The Simpsons episode, Simpsonrama
  • Bart and Selma can be seen in the airport, but had no lines
  • An alternate to the title is called the joke's source










The Dean


Bender (mentioned)


Hubert Farnsworth









The ghost of Uncle Steve






The league of joke writers

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