The Shed is an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon based on SHED.MOV except it is censored (no rude words (fuck, shit etc))


(a giant monster is destroying Springfield. Scene goes to a child getting her first tooth.) Little girl: Look girls, I finally got my first tooth! [Other two girls are paying more attention to the giant monster getting closer to them.] I got my first tooth girls!

[Other two girls run away.]

Little girl: Girls, we're y'all going?!

[The giant monster's foot crushes the little girl.]

(We see the text SHED.MOV, which turns into a bloody format.)

(Scene goes to Scratchy Jr. (Scratchy's son), whose riding on Scratchy, whose riding on Mrs. Scratchy (Scratchy's wife).)

Scratchy Jr.: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, bat, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba

Scratchy: Shi, shi, shi, shit, shi, shi, shi, shi, shi, shit, shi, shi, shi, shi, shi

Mrs. Scratchy: Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, man, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma

(All walk towards Itchy' shed.)

Scratchy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait up! What are we doing here?

Scratchy Jr.: Uncle said we have to find something called the [reads off arm] "Helements of Armory." We have to look in Itchy's shed.

Mrs. Scratchy: Wait a minute! Didn't Itchy say something about people going in his shed?

Scratchy Jr.: Hmmmm...

(Scene shifts into Scratchy Jr.'s recollection of Scracthy, Mrs. Scratchy and Scratchy's mother playing Spin-the-bottle.)

Scratchy: Yo, Itchy, wanna play spin-the-bottle with us?

(Itchy starts blushing.)

Itchy: *giggles* Come on, you guys! Don't tease me, I'm shy! *giggles* Stay out of my shed.

(Scene shifts in Scratchy and Mrs. Scratchy on the ground.)

Scratchy: Yo, I'm bored. You wanna go hang out with Itchy?

Mrs. Scratchy: Okay.

[Scratchy and Mrs. Scratchy are now beating up Itchy.]

Scratchy: Heh heh heh! Take that! Yeah, welcome to Springfield! Badaboom!

Itchy: [while wincing in pain] *laughs* Good one, guys! You really got me! Stay out of my shed, okay?

(Scenes shifts to prom night with a host announcing the prom king.)

Host: And this year's prom king is... Shitty!

(The crowd cheers as Itchy approaches the host.)

Itchy: Oh my God! Now that I've won this, I finally like myself!

(Behind the curtain, Scratchy and Mrs. Scratchy are excited.)

Scratchy: Yo, this is gonna be so totally rad!

(Mrs. Scratchy pulls a string and it causes semen to fall on Itchy, the style of Carrie.)

[The crowd gasps in awe of what just transpired.]

Scratchy Jr.: Hey guys, look! Itchy's all wet! Eheheheheh...

[Scratchy Jr. laughs and the crowd laughs as well]

[Cameras flash and click at the drenched Itchy.]

Scratchy: Yo, that's my cum! That's my cum! Hahahahaha!

[Itchy stares at his semened gloves, then starts goes into a panic.]

Itchy: No! Don't laugh at me! Stop laughing at me! Stay out of my shed! Stay out of my shed!!!

(Scene changes back to where Scratchy Jr. recollected these events.)

Scratchy Jr.: I think he said we're always welcome in his shed!

(The trio enters the shed and turn on the light. They look shocked at the sight of dead animals hanging from the wall, a skull floating in a bucket of blood, and a pile of brains next to a wall with writting wrtitten in blood, saying "BUNNY BRAIN CORNER".)

Scratchy Jr.: Oh my god! Look at all this lovin'!

(Scratchy Jr. opens the PlayMouse copy and looks disgusted.)

Scratchy: [tailboner] Swag.

(Mrs. Scratchy looks at something that looks like Applejack from PONY.MOV, hanging from the wall.)

Mrs. Scratchy: Man, Itchy sure has a lotta weird art.

Scratchy: Yeah, but what did you expect.

Mrs. Scratchy: Yeah, what a freak. [laughs]

Scratchy Jr.: Oh my god, look what he did to Poochie. He turned him into a... decorative, toaster cosy.

Itchy: Hey hey hey. [Scratchy looks frightned.] They all turn to find Itchy standing in the doorway.] What'd I tell y'all about coming in my shed!

Scratchy Jr.: Well, we're screwed.

[Itchy snaps his fingers.]

Itchy: Take it away, fellas.

(The skeletons on the wall start using their bones as drums.)


I'm gonna sing a song for you

(Mrs. Scratchy and Scratchy Jr. jump out the windows.)

And I'm gonna show you a thing or two

(Itchy pulls a switch that locks Scratchy in a chair.)

So have a seat, my dear

And if it's all the same

Just sit back, and relax

While I eat your brains!


Na, na, na, gunna eatcha brains!

Brain, brain, brains!

(Itchy cuts a chainsaw through Scratchy's head with Scratchy screaming in pain.)


Na, na, na, gunna eatcha brains

Na, na, na, gunna eatcha brains

(Police cars line up in front of the shed and the Police come in.​)

Police officer: Alright, alright. What's going on in here?

Itchy: Um, this isn't what it looks like? (nervous laugh) [One half of Scratchy falls over and canned laughter and gag music plays]

(The scene switches to Itchy being dragged by guards in a nut house and thown into a cell. Mrs. Scratchy and Scratchy Jr. see this through the cell window.)

Scratchy Jr.: Why have things been so weird around here lately?

Mrs. Scratchy: My daddy makes me put glass in my drink.

Scratchy Jr.: Yeah, okay, well, good luck with that.

(Scene goes to the giant monster kicking a building while the whole town is on fire.)


[Bart and Lisa laugh but Homer and Marge seem unimpressed]

Homer: What a cheap rip-off.

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