Parents of Ella Shellwyn( maiden name:Colin) Felicia Colin( alive) and Dan Colin(dies in Reunion.)

Parents of Randal Shellwyn: Señorita Roberto( sperm donor),Joe Shellwyn, Franklin Shellwyn( maiden name is Rufus.)

Children of The Colins:

Ella Shellwyn.

Della Roberto.

Glinda Mackintosh.

Children of The Shellwyns(Joe and Franklin):

Alfred Shellwyn

Dorothy Shellwyn.

Randal Shellwyn.

Rosemarie Shellwyn.

Children of Randal and Ella:

Oldest to Youngest:

1.Laura Shellwyn- age: 15

2.Paige Shellwyn- age:13.

3.Arthur Shellwyn- age:10.

4. Sheldon Shellwyn- age 9.

5.Abby Shellwyn- age 8.

6.Breanna Shellwyn- age 3.

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