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The Simpsons: A New Generation is a fanfiction of 1 season of 7 episodes, created by Fallin'. The series started on November 19, 2011 and ended on December 31, 2011. A second season was mentioned by the creator in early 2012, but it was never confirmed.

Episode ListEdit

Episode List
Title Plot Release Day
1 "The Return of The Simpsons" When The Simpsons return from Las Vegas, some friends are wating for them. Also, Lisa auditions for the school musical and gets the lead female. 19th November, 2011
2 "Lisa Goes Gaga" Lady Gaga comes to town and makes citizens crazy. Marge doesn't let Homer, Bart or Lisa go, but they find a way to escape. 26th November, 2011
3 "Don't You Wanna Know" Marge's never had a bachelorette. Her family organizes one, but it doesn't works as it was planned. 3rd December, 2011
4 "The Movie, Pt. 1" The Simpsons start filming a movie, and the craziest things happen. Also, Grampa Simpson dies. 17th December, 2011
5 "The Movie, Pt. 2" The Simpsons continue filming the movie, and also attend to Grampa's funeral. Homer get notices about Mona. 17th December, 2011
6 "A Very Simpsons Christmas" The Simpsons have fun singing some Christmas songs. 24th December, 2011
7 "A Joyful New Year" The family reunites together to have a time together, but Marge faints when Patty and Selma tell her something unpleasant. 31st December, 2011

  • Episode 4, "Treehouse of Horror", was cutted and that week no episode was launched. LosSims2 decided that, as he had written one episode he wouldn't publish, and he didn't have time to write another one, 17th December, 2011 he would publish two episodes.
  • The series originally had 23 episodes, but was later moved to 14, before being cancelled, due to the absence of time of the writer.

Season One cancellation and FutureEdit

Fallin' confirmed that the series would have a season two, but in the break of Season One, he decided to cancel the first season, due to low views. He said that in the end of 2012 he would release Season Two, that would probably finish on March 2013, but it didn't happen.

The Simpsons Movie 2Edit

Series creator Fallin' hinted he would release the next generation's film after mid-2013 in early 2013, but nothing was confirmed until Young Prince tweeted "At the next generation set! This is supa-dupa awesumm, i'm sure this film will take over the awardss next year ;)" on June 26, 2013. The movie is set for release in October 2013, yet nothing can be granted for sure.


Year Award Type Work Awarded Result
2011 The Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards Best Series Nominated
Best Episode "Lisa Goes Gaga" Winner
2012 Best Song or Band "When You Wish Upon A Star (Chris Cox Remix)" Winner

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