"The Simpsons: Anime Version" is an anime version of the Simpsons, but the characters are different. Is ambiented 5 years in the future, in the city of Tokio, and with a different animation style, who included:

23 fotograms per second, instead of 25

the background made with aquerels, instead of pencils and computer

realistic ligths and shadows, instead of only one colour pattern

more details at characters and houses

no more large outlines

anime-styled face

eyecolour for every one, instead of totally white

normal skincolour, not anymore yellow

more realistic bodies

the plot isnt anymore incentered on the whole family, but on the life of a group of friends who are idol J-pop, and have a journey in a digital world. Every character has a tipical color who is reflected on various items, objects, outfits and some of the digital monsters tamed in the digital world. The monsters have ten stages + one evil stage who is the final stage for every digi-monsters.

1: Egg Monsters: the eggs of the monsters.

2: Baby Monsters: baby, little, cutie monsters who are the favourite of Lisa

3: Child Monsters: monsters who acts child-likely and are prankster. The favourite of Bart.

4: Teen Monsters: monsters solitally in love and the females have lipstick. Seby favourites them!

5: Adult Monsters: these arent cute but are desctructive and usually high leveled.

6: Champion Monsters: these have a tipical superpower who uses in battle and can make explosion.

7: Metal Monsters: these have armor and tribal tatoos around them!

8: Elemental Monsters: increase their power under their armor and became much stronger and fast

9: Legendary Monsters: legendary and so aggressive and bad-looking, harded to tame.

10: Spirit Monsters: they have now spirits, souls, brain and a tamed bonding.

11: Bad Monsters: they become bad... and, killing the others, they died and reincarnated in humans.

Usually the main characters take only the Egg, Baby, Child, Teen, Adult, Champion, Metal and Elemental mons, when the Legendary, Spirit and Bad mons are usually wild or in cure of enemies.

Unless they are in a digital world, there s'no Digimon in there, but some Pokemon.

The first pokemon appeared in the show is a Wartortle named Pus, age 1000, who, unlike the Pokemon Games, he have a red kanji mark on the head, a magical scepter, is a sage, have age markings, can talk, have magical powers, and, the game's Wartortle are evolution of the water starter pokemon Squirtle, Pus' story is revealed in a episode when everyone tells their stories of past. Pus' line was:

Pus: I'm born 1000 years ago in a temple named "The Temple", from my parents:
Kaochii and Kairi  Rakin. They were human, but i am a turtle becase i am the Chosen One,
and trained here. My parents died when i were 10,
so i start an adventure trough the mountains, in research of a new family, and...
990 years later, i see you. The temple, is the house i were born.
I wish return in this temple.
Lisa: Actually, the "The Temple" from 1000 years ago, is now the temple near house.
Pus: The... TEMPLE NEAR HOUSE? Ah! I remember! When i left, i choose a pretty little girl,
named Aiwa, to be the guardian of that temple. Aiwa construct a house with her family, and,
propably that Aiwa, is Seby s' thirty-grandma!
Lisa: Yes! On Seby s' page in that book, there s' a genealogic tree of her family!
She really descends from your Aiwa!

There s' a lot of Luvdisc, Gorebyss, Milotic and Mamanbou on Seby s' aquarium, but they are propable genetic modify on real fish.

In the Digital World, there s' a character named LeafGreen, inspired from the female character in Pokemon Firered and Pokemon Leafgreen, who mentions "pokemons", and two boys named "Red Ket-Chup" and "Blue Doak", and want to evolve Pus into "Pustoise", but propably, "LeafGreen" is only a random girl who believe is the Firered\Leafgreen female player character.

EVERYTHING found in the Pokemon Games was reproduced IRL. The Gym Leaders are product of genetic eengineric.

Speaking of characters, there are some character in the world.

Main CharactersEdit

Bart Simpson: 15 year old boy who is in love with Seby

Seby: 16 year old idol girl who is in love with Bart

Milhouse Van Houten: 15 year old boy who is in love with Lisa

Lisa Simpson: 13 year old girl who is in love with Milhouse

Deli: 14 year old fairy girl who is in love with Mark

Mark Lenders: 14 year old boy who is in love with Deli

Maggie Simpson: 6 year old girl who is in love with Pus

Rita Austri: 15 year old girl who as an ammiration for Bart, also known as RADS

Kerli Elfen Lied: 15 year old girl who as an ammiration for Lisa, also known as Kerli-ZZ

Pus Rakin: 1000 year old sage turtle boy who is in love with Maggie

Gaia "Simpson": 15 year old girl who says she is Bart, also known as KaylaBaraonda

Living with SebyEdit

Kimono Girls: seven geisha who live in Seby s' house, are all identical, and are seven sisters. Their parents are named Chio and Choji.

Mr. Pool: an old man who act as Seby s' assistant. Has a daughter named Yuka.


Samuteki family: Koi Samuteki lives in a dojo with his trained ninja: Yuka Pool (Mr.Pool s' daughter?), Sachi and Lilanoki.

Seino family: A tipical japanese family with mom Ikaryko, dad Ockanonu and daughter Toachii.

QueenKitty (Kio) family: Sheila (Saku) loves cute things, and have adopted baby Lily. Differently from Seby, whose birth name is Aiwa Tsukii, later become idol and change name in only Seby, Saku Kio, for rule of cool and no meaning like Aiwa Tsukii into Seby, changed name into Sheila QueenKitty, but use her birth name too. Lily have two surnames, and like Sheila\Saku, can be "Lily Kio" or "Lily QueenKitty", when her adoptive mother instead: "Saku Kio" or "Sheila QueenKitty".

Pokemon Creators: Pokemon represent Japan! There s' the Pokemon Creators, from Game Freak, who know wery well Seby, who do spots, and now, esaurited ideas for the first six gens, wants to create a seventh gen. Some of their creation are absurds and incoerent with the rest. Some years ago the pokemon were based on animals, legends and plants, now were based on objects.

Sabrina, of Saffron Gym: The Saffron Gym Leader of Pokemon, recreated as a real character. She uses Psichyc type Pokemon.

Tyffany Ashley Samantha Mary-Iris Jiyuliette Ckarmen Hailtos-Rupenkaz, or Milotic: A girl that s' beautiful as a Milotic, she is 14 years old but looks about 18.


LeafGreen: A girl who is (or believe is?) the Pokemon Firered\Leafgreen character, and her speciality is evolving little cutie creatures into monsters.

Red Ket-Chup and Blue Doak: Two old companion of LeafGreen. Red have black hair, brown eyes, starts with a Charmander and his speciality is battling Gym Leaders, Blue have brown hair, blue eyes, starts with a Squirtle and his speciality is breeding Pokèmon. Propably these two exist only in LeafGreen s' imagination, if you consider LeafGreen is not the FRLG protagonist.

Koujiro Gals: the Koujiro Gals are the other members of Seby s'band.

Sailor Cloud: Deli s'alter-ego

Background CharactersEdit

Bart and Milhouse s' Classmates

Deli and Mark s' Classmates

RADS, Kerli and Gaia s' Classmates

Lisa s' Classmates

Seby s' Classmates

Maggie s' Classmates

Bart, Milhouse, Lisa, RADS, Kerli, Gaia and Milotic s' Schoolmates

Deli, Mark and Seby s' Schoolmates

Maggie s' Schoolmates

Tokio Citypeople


Nelson Muntz


Sherry and Terry

Martin Prince

Ralph Wiggum


Moe Sizlak

Apu Nahasamapeemapetilon

Carl and Lenny


Characters seen in TVEdit

Ash (Satoshi)

Misty (Kasumi)

Brock (Takeshi)

Miku Hatsune

Rin\Len Kagamine

Luka Megurine

Meiko Sakine


GACKP (Gakupo Kamui)

Megumi Megpoid

The Radioactive Man

Krusty the Clown

Only MangaEdit


Homer Simpson

Marge Simpson


Pus' Squirtle Version (In the manga, Pus is REALLY a Wartortle!)


Son Goku

Son Gohan

Son Goten



Future Trunks

Blackman + Whiteman Cereal Couple



"yellow" Bart

Pus' Blastoise Version


In the first episode, Seby have a dream and in this dream there s'a flashback with Seby in a plain with a Bulbasaur a Charmander and a Squirtle but pokemon dont'exist at this time because:

the anime is ambiented in 2015

Seby is 16 year old

Seby is born in 1999

in this flashback Seby is 3 years old

this is a 2002 flashback

and in an episode recently aired

comment on every pokemon seen

that s'only a dream, but

the only pokemon seen are genetic impiants in an acquarium, why became this in 2013

exept for Pus but he is human, not a watortle.


acquarium pokemon


this is a production of Matt Groening, Seth McFarlane and the japanese idol Ichigo Kasakawa but is drawn by various mangaka, mainly Nina Tatsumiya, Marii Pichide and Yuwara Kawesabe.

Crossover, yes or no?Edit

The Simpsons Anime may appear as a crossover beetween The Simpsons and Pokemon, but is just a series ambiented in the Simpsons universe in anime style, which has Pokemon being the most important valor in the life of the residents of Tokyo. Whyle its NOT a Simpsons\Pokemon crossover, it may count as being crossover-ish with Sailor Moon, having the Sailor Senshis as recurring characters, with Sailor Mars\Raye Pendrave Hino-Burns being a crossover-sister of Sabrina. One of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Cloud, is also an alternate form of Deli. The general consensus is that it crossovers the Simpsons, Sailor Moon, and Digimon universes, with a lot of Pokemon trown in for good measure.