• Episode 1: To Love A Mocking Bird - Marge worries Homer is eating way too much and weighs more than the average man should. She advises him to plan sessions with a dietitian or to go on a diet. Homer feels Marge is too worried about his weight loss and she isn't sexually attracted to him anymore. Homer goes on those strict milk shake diets and lives of a variety of liquid meals but Marge disagrees with his method and suggests he should loose weight the natural way.
  • Episode 2: I See Springfield - While at a trip to the local zoo grandpa falls in love with a sweet British old lady who also seems to take a shine to grandpa. After dating for three months he wants to propose and marry a lady before he dies but when de does propose she moves back to England. Grandpa flies to England for the wedding with the Simpsons but he has to make the decision to stay in England or to return home empty handed but his bride makes advances towards the priest conducting the ceremony.
  • Episode 3: Regatta Get There - Homer becomes a boat enthusiast and during his new hobby meets Winston at a boat club. During a boat race rough storms send the two new rivals to a stranded island and two now enemies must learn to live with each other but any way they decide to go their in danger of the cannibal castaways.
  • Episode 4: American Dads! - In a crossover with American Dad the Simpsons car breaks down in Langley Falls. Homer and Stan become best friends and hit the bar, Marge and Francine become sex symbols, Lisa and Hayley protest for women's rights and save a wildlife sanctuary and Bart gives Steve a few tips while Maggie gets into disguises with Roger and especially Klaus take a shine to Bart's evil side. Matt Groening and Seth McFarlane meet in a cameo appearance.
  • Episode 5: Lost With Lisa - Lisa earns the keys to the city and in her honor Lisa's Learning Emporium is built but when a Bart's prank goes wrong and her fame is destroyed Lisa escapes and joins a fringe festival and when she returns Marge is worried she is being exposed to the wrong type of life style. Lisa though thinks they clever and well educated people.