Episode 1: The ToasteEdit

The episode begins when Bart Simpson is walking around his house and he sees a toaster. He grabs it and brings it home to Marge Simpson. Marge, Bart, and Homer Simpson make dinner with the toaster. The toaster doesn't work well though, so Bart Simpson sells it on eBay for $19.99. That night, Bart and his parents go to sleep. All of a sudden, Bart starts to hear a voice saying: "who stole my toaster?" The voice gets closer and closer, until it is in Bart Simpson's room. Bart then gets out of bed to confront the voice, and the thing with the voice runs up the chimney. Bart Simpson then sees it and it reveals itself to be Ned Flanders. It was Ned's toaster, and he was angry at Bart for selling it. Ned Flanders then corners Bart and tells him that he is going to get killed, buried, and eaten by Ned. This ends the episode.

Episode 2: The return and invisibilization of Party Posse Edit

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L.T. Smash is released from jail, and call by telephone to Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph for return to being the Party Posse. Time later, the Professor Frink create a invisibilizator ray, that containing a ray that make invisible the things. While the Party Posse training for a concert in Springfield, the invisibilizator ray is shot to all the 4 members of the Party Posse and they became invisibles. Time later, the concert started and the surprised people, watching the Party Posse, as only floating clothes and objects...

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