They Be Hatin'

They Be Hatin

June 17, 2014
Electro hip hop
Amanda Simpson, Nelly Furtado
DJ Mustard

 They Be Hatin' is a single by Rapsta Chik. Featuring Canadian singer Nelly Furtado. It was featured on her greatest hits album.


(verse 1: Rapsta)

Getting up, reading up on twitter

Looking at tweets, and what do i see

I see haters tweeting me and saying

Stuff that, isnt actually true

Why the fuck did they follow me

Just if they gonna hate me, whats the point

If you dont like me dont listen to me

I dont give a fuck, I'm over haters now

(chorus: Nelly)

They be hatin

Calling me names

"Go cry to your mommy"

Is what they say to me

Now im stronger

Dont care what you say

Shut the fuck up

Get a life (life life life life)

(verse 2: Rapsta with background rappers)

I dont care what you say, im moving on

Block a motherfucker out, they just so dumb

You think im dumb, read your tweets

"Bitch, u cant rapp" Bitch you need spell speck

I'm a bad bitch, you a mad bitch

You jealous cuz I made it

Ha, think you can make me

Crying off, bitch Im over that

(chorus: Nelly)

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