Tiffany Janet Flanders
Tiffany Janet Lawson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Black
Age 43
Occupation Fourth grade teacher at Springfield Elementary School
Relatives Husbands:
Mr. Lawson (deceased)
Ned Flanders
Daughters: Kayla and Kaitlyn Lawson
Step-sons: Rod and Todd Flanders
First Appearance Ned's Wedding Party
Voiced By Jennifer Hale

Tiffany Janet Lawson-Flanders is the new 4th grade teacher at Springfield Elementary School and Ned's new fiancé/wife in season 26. She and Ned will soon get married in the season 26 episode: Ned's Wedding Party.

Appearances Edit

Simp Episode – "Ned's Wedding Party" Simp Episode – "Grampa Simpson Gets Engaged"

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