Time Goes By


August 4, 2014
EDM, dance-pop, disco
Amara Van Hersan-Preston, Adam Preston

Time Goes By is a single by American singer Amara, featuring husband and American disc jockey DJ TRAKZ. The song is the official song for the 2014 film The Failed New Years Resolution, starring Sarah Muntz. Muntz herself picked Amara to record the song, and TRAKZ to produce it. The song samples the line "Time goes by so slowly" from Madonna's 2005 hit single Hung Up, which samples ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight). The two managed to write, produce, and get Madonna's approval to use the sample in two days. The song was only revealed a few hours before the release. The song was released two hours after Felicia's "Gone Too Far" was released to her SoundCloud account, and only three days before Rapsta Chik's "Can't Stop Me" will be officially released. Many believed that Amara released her song before Felicia's on purpose, and that the two are feuding, a similar incident happened nearly a year before when Lady Gaga's "Applause" and Katy Perry's "Roar" were both released on the same day and fans thought they were feuding. However Amara and Felicia are good friends, and have both cleared up the rumours. The song is featured on Amara's third album Flashing Lights.


(intro x6)

Time goes by, so slowly


Come on everybody, there's a party in my basement

Come on everyone

Party everyday, life's too short to waste

And time, goes by so slowly

(verse 1)

We don't have long till the sun comes up

Before we got to go, back home 

Well fuck no, keep it going

No way we are stopping


I don't want to go home tonight

Life is too short, I don't want to waste a second


(repeat intro)

(verse 2)

Having so much fun, doing what I love

And nothing gonna spoil that

Selfies on Instagram, #suchagoodtime

No one, gonna stop me tonight

(pre chorus x2)



Party everyday, party everyday

And time, goes by so slowly

Party every night, party every night

And time, goes by so slowly


(repeat intro)

(chorus fades out)

Music VideoEdit

The music video was released on August 10, 2014. It was directed by Amara and TRAKZ themselves. According to Amara, the choreography was so hard that she injured both her ankles.


The video begins at a recording studio, where TRAKZ plays a demo of the instrumental to Amara. Amara immediatly begins singing the song and runs out the studio with TRAKZ following. Amara and TRAKZ are shown driving to a club, playing the song. In the chorus, children are shown ballet dancing the the song, and are acting in a play lip synching to the song. During the breakdown, TRAKZ and Amara get intimate at the club, afterwards Amara steps into the middle of a dance off circle. And begins to perform extremely hard choreography, TRAKZ is shown carrying her home at the end of the night,

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