Treasure Chest is a song by Helena Fasesha, although not being officially released as a single (it was due to be the third before it was replaced) it was made available when Treasure Chest was made to be pre-ordered on iTunes. A remix of the song featuring Miley Cyrus was released as the first promotional single, the remix was supposed feature Jessie J. The bridge to the song samples Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball. The single was made available September 9, 2013, the song is about Fasesha leaving her fiancé last year to focus on her singing and acting career.


I loved you endlessly

But why did I do this foolishly

I left you for a record deal

And a big movie debut

I love this life but

Sometimes I think that i should cut myself with a knife


But don't you ever say I just walked away

I will always want you


Memories locked up in my treasure chest

I will remember you

I wanted to stay with you

But I chose my career

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