Treat You Right is the second single by rapper/screenwriter JayDee. The song is the lead single from JayDee's debut album Through the Flames. The single features Mira Shai of the Japanese-American girl band Under the Radar. The song is set to be released and heard for the first time by the public on October 9, 2014, a 15 second snippet was released to JayDee's Instagram on October 4, 2014. A second preview featuring part of Shai's chorus was released on October 6, 2014. Due to issues, the song wasn't released until October 10.


(Chorus: Shai)

Boy you gotta treat me right

If you wanna be tonight

You got to love me right

Or I'm leaving, oh yeah

(Verse 1: JayDee)

Uh, girl what you got no one else got

You sweet, charming, sexy, funny

I'm not the type who gonna hit us

Or the kind who just wanna get wit ya

I won't try the funny stuff or cheat on you

I just hope you don't make me spend all my dough on you

I don't date gold diggers, or strip club hoes

I'll treat you right, not like the other guys

(Chorus x2: Shai)

(Verse 2: JayDee)

Uh, me and you

Got something special

I'm not just saying that

You better than the others

I've said this type of stuff before

But I meant it this time

You and me in the tree



(Chorus: Shai)

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