Couch Gag:
Giggles and Mackie run in and sit on the couch, apparently excited for something. Then it reveals that the living room is entering a haunted castle ride at the carnival. When they enter the building, Mackie gets startled by a hand that pops out of a coffin, and laughs. Suddenly, it grabs the sailboat painting and breaks it into two. Giggles looks back at the TV but she doesn't notice that the living room is approaching an axe on a pendulum swinging back and forth. The living room then jumps over the axe, but Mackie gets sliced in half. Giggles sighs in relief, when suddenly a suspended cauldron fills the couch with lava (or molten copper) up to Giggles' waist. In pain, she jumps out of the living room, now with her lower body reduced to a skeleton, screaming at the top of her lungs. She falls onto the floor. Suddenly, the couch tips over, burning the rest of her body (excluding the top of her head, then her lower jaw falls off).
Show Runner
Al Jean
Traci Page Johnson as Blue

Kelly Nigh as Tickety

Lori Jee as Petunia and Giggles


Once again, Marge comes out from behind a red curtain, this time telling the viewers about Halloween. Her dog, Blue is with her, and so ate Petunia and Tickety. The three then introduce the episode.

Child's D'oh!Edit

In a parody of the movie, Child's Play, Snake is invading a store at night, full of cute little dolls called "Buckies", when the police ambush him. They shoot Snake to death, but before he dies, his girlfriend cats a spell on him, so his soul will be able to take the form as one of the dolls. After the spell, the police handcuff Snake's un-named griflriend and drag her to jail. Chief Wiggum walks in and looks at Snake's corpes, then kicks it in the groin and laughs. All of the sudden, one of the dolls looks at him and shakes its fist, but Chief Wiggum doesn't notice, and beats up Snake's dead corpse, until the doll is so mad its case falls down, and Chief Wiggum runs out screaming. Later, as a sbirthday present for Lisa, Homer buys the doll posessed by Snake. At Lisa's birthday party, while the room is empty, the doll bursts out of its wrapping paper and decides it'd be fun to go on a rampage, so the doll kills Millhouse from behind with a knife from the kitchen. Meanwhile, Homer is in the living room watching TV and drinking a Duff, when Lisa runs in and tells him its time to open presents. When Lisa and Homer see the empty present and gasp, the Bucky doll enters the room and tackles Homer, decapitating him,while Lisa screams, then runs over to the instructions and reads them, seeing that she can just turn off her Bucky by simply pooring water on its head. She runs into the kitchen, gets a glass if water, and poors it on the Bucky doll, who is terrorizing all the guests at the party. Lisa dumps the water on it, and Snakes last words are "aw, crap." Lisa throws the doll in a wood-chipper and it is destroyed, but when Lisa is ttucked in, after Homer checks under her bed and in her closet for Bucky, the screen zooms out to reveal Bucky's arm beneath Lisa's windo, as it crawls further towards the house.

Call Me HomerEdit

In a parody of Moby Dick, Lisa finds Marge's family album whilst going through old memorabilia with Homer, Bart and Grampa. She discovers several heroic figures within the Bouvier family, and asks if there has ever been a Simpson hero. Grampa replies that there was one "celebrated in song and story" - another Homer Simpson, who was a whaler, and an adventurer on the high seas.

The story then moves to the past where Homer, a crew member on a whaling ship, is left in charge of melting down chunks of whale blubber into oil; everything is fine until Homer accidentally tastes some whale oil and instantly develops a taste for it, soon desiring bigger and bigger doses to satisfy his cravings. After the ship's crew discover that he has eaten much of their stocks of blubber, Captain Burns has Homer tied to the mast as punishment. The whale Moby Dick then approaches the ship, and Homer, eager for a taste, bites into the whale's tail. Not letting go, he is dragged all the way to the Bermuda Triangle, where he disappears, along with the ship he is still tied to; this made Homer the first person to vanish in the Triangle.

Back in the present, Lisa doubts the truthfulness of this story, particularly as nobody involved lived to tell the tale. Bart protests, but glumly accepts that Lisa is right. However, he discovers a harpoon in the attic that proves the story, which he then uses to chase Homer about the house.

Monster ElementaryEdit

Parody of the doll franchise, Monster High.

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