Couch Gag:
The family runs in and sees a fog in there house. They look around and hear a moan, wich scares them so much they jump on the couch, when, all of the sudden, zombies rise up from the couch and bite The Simpsons, making them zombies, too.
Blackboard Text:
Billboard Gag:
Your very own pet Meegwai! Available at stores near you!
Opening scene:
Kang and Kodos fly by in a UFO, laughing and shooting pigeons with lasers
Lisa's Sax Solo:
Lisa screeches into her saxaphone, making an eerie screech noise.
Mark Hamill as Frankenstein


Once again, Marge comes out from behind a red curtain, giving a warning of how scary the show is, when she is told that its canceled due to too much gore, so they put on a Scooby Doo episode, when the TV blackens and Bart and Homer tell the viewer there TV is perfectly fine, but that the viewer is not. Once again, the special was as scary as possible, so it was canceled, but Bart and Homer are in charge now, and the viewer is about to witness the unholy horror of (Homer interrupts) Homer says "hey, Bart, didn't we do an opening like this a couple years back? Remember my funny voice thing? Heh heh heh!" Bart groans and says "never mind. Just watch the show", but, all of the sudden, the screen goes fuzzy, and Frankenstein is shown in black and white as he moans "the simpsons halloween special", and the screen once again goes balck as a screech is heard.

Child's D'oh!Edit

Parody of the movie, Child's Play. One stormy night, Snake is invading a store, full of cute little dolls called "Buckies", when the police ambush him. They shoot Snake to death, but before he dies, his girlfriend cats a spell on him, so his soul will be able to take the form as one of the dolls. After the spell, the police handcuff Snake's un-named griflriend and drag her to jail. Chief Wiggum walks in and looks at Snake's corpes, then kicks it in the groin and laughs. All of the sudden, one of the dolls looks at him and shakes its fist, but Chief Wiggum doesn't notice, and beats up Snake's dead corpse, until the doll is so mad its case falls down, and Chief Wiggum runs out screaming. Later, as a sbirthday present for Lisa, Homer buys the doll posessed by Snake. At Lisa's birthday party, while the room is empty, the doll bursts out of its wrapping paper and decides it'd be fun to go on a rampage, so the doll kills Millhouse from behind with a knife from the kitchen. Meanwhile, Homer is in the living room watching TV and drinking a Duff, when Lisa runs in and tells him its time to open presents. When Lisa and Homer see the empty present and gasp, the Bucky doll enters the room and tackles Homer, decapitating him,while Lisa screams, then runs over to the instructions and reads them, seeing that she can just turn off her Bucky by simply pooring water on its head. She runs into the kitchen, gets a glass if water, and poors it on the Bucky doll, who is terrorizing all the guests at the party. Lisa dumps the water on it, and Snakes last words are "aw, crap." Lisa throws the doll in a wood-chipper and it is destroyed, but when Lisa is ttucked in, after Homer checks under her bed and in her closet for Bucky, the screen zooms out to reveal Bucky's arm beneath Lisa's windo, as it crawls further towards the house.

Miserable Aunt PattyEdit

Patty is driving in a blizzard, mumbling about how lonely she is, when she hits famous writer, Homer J. Simpson. She brings Homer to her cabin and puts him on a bed. In return, Homer lets her read his latest book, Homer's Latest Book, but she sees he kills off the main character, and throws the book out the window and smashes a chair.

Monster ElementaryEdit

Parody of the doll franchise, Monster High.

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