In another addition to the Treehouse of Horror series, we see a haunted mask in the Mask (and socks), in Art of The Dead, Lisa buys a paintbrush that can bring things to life, and in Little Shop Of Terrors, a store opens up that sells cursed items.


Bart is messing around with his slingshot. He accidentally knocks a big birdhouse off it's perch. The angry birds attack Bart, causing his intestines to spill onto the floor. His intestines spell out TREEHOUSE OF HORROR XXIII.

The Mask (and socks)Edit

Bart is trick or treating. After egging Skinner's house he runs and hides in a bush. There he finds an abandoned mask; and it looks really scary. he puts the mask on quickly. The mask works a treat; he scares everyone, from kids to adults. But when he tries to take it off, he can't. It grows on him, and it soon begins to make him do things he doesn't want to, like killing Groundskeeper Willie, Miss Krabappel and Otto. As he is about to kill Milhouse his willpower manages to defeat the mask, and he tears it off. He an Milhouse run away, relieved to be free of the mask. However, then Ralph finds the mask, puts it on and the terror restarts.

Art of The DeadEdit

At a garage sale. Lisa buys a paintbrush and set of paints. She gleefully runs home to try it out. She begins to paint wonderful pictures, like an apple tree and a pony. However the next day those things appear in The Simpsons backyard. Amazed, Lisa realises she has purchased a magic paintbrush. But seeing this Bart decides to steal the paintbrush and use it for himself. He paints a boxer to beat up Skinner, a 10 dollar bill to buy candy, and a copy of Deadly Aliens 4. But then Brat thinks it will be fun to draw a monster. The monster comes to life and chases Bart, killing Moe and Chief Wiggum on the way. Bart runs into the house. Just as the monster crashes through the front door. Realising what to do, Lisa runs upstairs. Just as the monster is about to kill Bart, it suddenly disappears. Confused, Bart asks where the mosnter went. Lisa says that she simply ripped the paper in two. Homer says that "Everything is back to normal.".. but then the camera zooms out, revealing that the rest of the family look realistic. Maggie sucks her pacifier.

Little Shop of TerrorsEdit

Lisa and Bart are watching TV. An advertisement comes on, saying about the new Krusty the Klown Deluxe Figure, with real Krusty voice. Bart immediately heads out to buy one. But when he realises he doesn't have enough, he walks home miserable. On the way he passes a old, dilapidates store. Looking through the window he sees many interesting items. He enters the store and looks around. He sees a fish brain in a jar, a broken robot and a bottle of 1970 treacle. Dissapointed, he is about to leave the store, when he sees a Venus Fly Trap in the corner. Realising he can afford it, he purchases it and calls it 'Snaps'. He takes Snaps home, and treats it like a brother. However, he must feed it every hour, or it will go 'Rabid'. When going to Milhouse's, he forgets to feed it. It thrn rapidly grows, easily growing bigget than the house in 15 minutes. It eats Homer, Patty, Selma and Nelson Muntz. Just as it is about to eat Lisa. Bart, Marge and Maggie, it suddenly wilts and dies. Lisa explains "Well, it got hungry, and like all things it will die." At first they are sad of Homer's loss, but soon get over it after 30 minutes.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Bart: I don't know.. 10 dollars is pretty steep for a plant.

Shop Owner: I'll throw in a tub of ice cream.

Bart: Done.

Bart: Hmm... it looks old and what did Mom say about those things?...

Marge (in Bart's thoughts): Always go in a old and creepy building.

Bart: OK.

Lisa (to the family): Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the wonderful, beautiful, awe-inspiring, breathtaking...

Homer: Just show us the damn picture!

Monster: I can't wait to eat your flesh!

Bart: Why mine?

Monster: Shut up! That's why!

Homer (when an egg goes into his mouth): Mmmm... raw and disease filled.

Groundskeeper Willie (as Bart stabs him with a knife): Acht! It's just like when I took two cookies instead of one!

Ottot: Woah! A little zombie dude! Have I took drugs yet? (looks at sign) Nope not yet.

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