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The Simpsons title zooms in, looking rocky and decayed, while the three-eyed crow flies across the sky and is electrocuted. The title is then hit and explodes.

It then cuts to an army who are fighting off a zombie invasion in front of the Nuclear Power Plant; its towers are cracked and overflowing with toxic waste.

The camera pans over, showing the (giant) crow landing on the Tire Fire, as well as a giant robot fighting a huge monster in the background. It then shows zombie versions of Jimbo and Kearney, decapitating the statue of Jebediah Springfield. The head lands on Ralph, knocking his head off and to the ground, where it starts to lick his ice cream.

It then moves over to show Lard Lad getting zapped by lightning; he comes to life and starts to cause destruction,  but is grabbed by a Cyclops, resembling Chief Wiggum, who eats him and his donut. Meanwhile, Mrs. Krabappel sits on a bench outside the school next to Alfred Hitchcock, who then throws bread crumbs at her, causing her to be swarmed by crows.

In the school, Bart is writing "All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy" on the whiteboard. He looks behind him and sees a psychopath Stephen King writing the same text on the walls. He turns to Bart, who runs out of the classroom. He skateboards through a boarded-up door and lands on a creature being swept leaves on, by a version of Groundskeeper Willie resembling Hellboy. The creature awakens and begins to battle with Willie.

It then goes to the Power Plant, where Homer accidentally throws a nuclear rod over his shoulder and into the neck of his suit; he screams before mutating into a horrific monster whilst Carl and Lenny look on. He runs off screaming. Carl then pulls on a costume resembling superhero Blade; he draws his sword, accidentally cutting through Lenny's neck in the process, and runs after Homer. Lenny's head then falls off and his headless body drinks coffee through his neck hole.

The camera then pans down underground, briefly showing the corpses of The Tracey Ullman Show versions of the Simpson family as well as a skeleton of Godzilla buried beneath, till it reaches a large banquet.

A version of Mr. Burns resembling the Pale Man is sitting reading a book with eyes on his hands. Mr. Smithers as a fairy sprays and polishes his eyes. Burns then looks at him before devouring him whole. 

Elsewhere at the Grocery Store, Maggie is passed along a checkout by a cashier resembling a huge cockroach, and is priced at "666". She is placed into Marge's trolley; Marge also resembles a large blue cockroach. Maggie looks at Gerald and he molts his skin to show that he is a monobrowed insect. However, Maggie's skin molts too, revealing that she is Gerald, who shakes his fist at the monster.

It then cuts to the school orchestra, which has all four versions of the Phantom of the Opera singing, with Lisa playing the saxophone wildly. The Phantom of the Paradise, playing the organ, then signals the door and she leaves, still playing.

Bart then skateboards away from a infected Comic Book Guy, up the tentacles of Cthulu, and passes multiple horror story writers. A crowd of terrified Springfieldians passes him and he joins them in running away from several classic film monsters.

It then shows Maggie driving a sedan; she drives into Milhouse, who is knocked off a bridge and eaten by a giant Three Eyed Fish.

There is a large panning shot of Springfield with dozens of horror characters and monsters, before showing Homer pulling up onto the driveway. He dodges Bart and Lisa as usual, before Maggie drives up in the hearse. His face morphs to the mutant version earlier and he screams, before Maggie runs him over. He is left twitching on the driveway.

The family all rush onto the couch. Bart and Lisa are normal; however, Maggie is still holding her steering wheel, Marge is still a large blue cockroach and Homer is now a ghost from the film The Devil's Backbone. Lisa is then sucked into a hole in the couch; she falls down through a Alice In Wonderland-style portal, wearing Alice's costume, before landing on a toadstool. She turns and sees the Hypnotoad (from Futurama). She yelps, but then calms down.

She then turns back and finds herself suddenly in a Pan's Labyrinth throne room, dressed as the main character Ofelia. Homer and Marge, with Maggie, sit high up on their thrones as King and Queen, and Bart as the Faun bows to Lisa. The camera then pans up to show the Television with the title and credits, while some fairies fly into it and are electrocuted.  


Homer is at Moe's. There, he eats some beef jerky. Homer complains about the terrible quality of beef jerky. Moe sarcastically syas "I bet you can make some better beef jerky Homer!" Homer agrees and goes home to begin work. First he creates a jerky which is too salty. Then one which is too crunchy. But when Homer accidentally spills uranium on the jerky, he creates a huge beast (which he dubs Beefzilla), which goes on the rampage in Springfield. It destroys many buildings and Kills Lenny, Moe, Skinner and all of the Springfield Choir by stomping on them. The Springfield military attempt to destroy the beast, but their Missiles just make it even crispier and yummier than before. However Homer then realises he has a bottomless stomach. He manages to eat Beefzilla (with the aid of a fork and a lot of people). The scene cuts to The Simpsons house, where an extremely Fat Homer is watching TV with the rest of the family struggling to get room.

Let Me AXE You A QuestionEdit

The family are watching TV, where they see an ad for a gameshow, where the winner wins 5 million dollars. Homer immediately signs the family up, ignoring the fine print on the contract, which states the show is allowed to seriously injure or kill the contestants. The family, the Flanders', the Skinners and the Van Houtens are all contestants. The gameshow begins and the Van Houtens are asked the question 'Recite the square root of pi to 50 decimal places.'. When Milhouse gets the first decimal place wrong, the gameshow host pulls a lever, and the Van Houtens fall thru a trapdoor into a giant pit of alligators,where they are eaten. When the Skinners are asked 'What's the capital of Japan?' Seymour answers 'Boston' which causes He and Agnes to be sliced in half by axes. The Flanders are then asked 'Name Two things that are NOT A Pronoun'. Ned gets the question wrong and they are eaten by Dozens of Piranhas and Anacondas,leaving only The Simpsons. They are asked 'Is Pluto a planet?'. Lisa opens her to say no, but Homer cuts in and says yes. A trapdoor In the floor plunges the family into fire (The fire is seen offscreen). In hell, the family are on Massage Tables,where they then look angrily at Homer who says "What?". They're then whipped by a devil.

Freaks, No Geeks

At Mr. Burnsum's carnival many spectators watch in awe as he presents many of his freaks, including Kang & Kodos, the Terryfying Callback (Bart on Selma's neck from the end in Dead and Shoulders), The Human Donkey (Nelson), Marguerite, an acrobat, Strong-Man Homer, who uses his tongue, and the scary freak , Moe. At the trailer park, Burnsum berates the freaks for leaving early, but Marguerite stands up for them. Homer then orders her back to his side, revealing they are to be married to the freaks. After Mr Burnsum and Strong-Man Homer leave, Moe and the freaks thank Marguerite for standing up for them. She tells them never to give up hope and kisses Moe on the cheek, he falls in love with her. Lenny and Carl advise Moe to ask Marguerite out, but he knows he can never compete with Strong-Man Homer. Lenny, however, reminds him of his emerald ring. Upon hearing this, Strong-Man Homer makes Marguerite marry Moe instead, of telling her that he is dying. The Freaks accept her as one of them and Moe and Marguerite are officially married. Marguerite catches Strong-Man Homer pouring poison into Moe's wine glass and loses respect for him. Strong-Man Homer sadly walks out of her trailer but discovers Mr. Burnsum's body hanging from a tree after being murdered by the freaks. They emerge from the shadows with hammers and knives shouting "One of us! One of us!" They tar and feather him from the neck down, transforming him into the latest freak show presentation - "The World's Strongest Duck The scene then cuts to the present where it is revealed that the whole story was told by Homer of how he met Marge.Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

Lisa: Oh no! The Springfield Choir is dead!

(The Family stare at her blankly)

Lisa: Ugh.. I'll be in my room.

Homer: Oh I get it. It's a train of pain.

Homer (when seeing Abe's reflection): God, I really let myself go.

Moe (as he is being eaten): Sarcasm is getting me nowhere.

Ned: Hiddily-Ho Simpsorinos!

Homer: Shut up Ned.

Ned: Okily-dokily!

Gameshow Host: Now if your neighbour is a girl, then you save 5 dollars!

Homer: That's me!

Ned: But Homer I...

Homer: Shut up Meg.

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