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OPINNG INTRO TV PG In a parody of the original Frankenstein film, Marge warns viewers that the following program (The Simpsons) may give their children nightmares, so she suggests the adults to "tuck your children into bed tonight instead of writing us angry letters tomorrow." However, the viewers ignore her and let their children watch it anyway.In a theater, BART introduces the story in a manner similar to many horror films. He begins by saying that the story was a story "so horrifying, so shocking, so, so, so full of VAMPERS !" BART then proceeds to recap the events of TREEHOUSE OF HOUR IV saying "it all started with a the sign to be a fun ride) gets bitten by Burns. Later that night, Lisa is awakened by a now undead Bart and his vampire

. But that was only the beginning." and tells the audience to be prepared for a story guaranteed to give them nightmares. AND THE WORLD SPLEALS Treehouse of Horror XXIV BART LATHS WITH IS FLASH LIGHT AND THATS THE END OF THE INTRO




Homer is at Moe's. There, he eats some beef jerky. Homer complains about the terrible quality of beef jerky. Moe sarcastically syas "I bet you can make some better beef jerky Homer!" Homer agrees and goes home to begin work. First he creates a jerky which is too salty. Then one which is too crunchy. But when Homer accidentally spills uranium on the jerky, he creates a huge beast (which he dubs Beefzilla), which goes on the rampage in Springfield. It destroys many buildings and Kills Lenny, Moe, Skinner and all of the Springfield Choir by stomping on them. The Springfield military attempt to destroy the beast, but their Missiles just make it even crispier and yummier than before. However Homer then realises he has a bottomless stomach. He manages to eat Beefzilla (with the aid of a fork and a lot of people). The scene cuts to The Simpsons house, where an extremely Fat Homer is watching TV with the rest of the family struggling to get room.

Let Me AXE You A QuestionEdit

The family are watching TV, where they see an ad for a gameshow, where the winner wins 5 million dollars. Homer immediately signs the family up, ignoring the fine print on the contract, which states the show is allowed to seriously injure or kill the contestants. The family, the Flanders', the Skinners and the Van Houtens are all contestants. The gameshow begins and the Van Houtens are asked the question 'Recite the square root of pi to 50 decimal places.'. When Milhouse gets the first decimal place wrong, the gameshow host pulls a lever, and the Van Houtens fall thru a trapdoor into a giant pit of alligators,where they are eaten. When the Skinners are asked 'What's the capital of Japan?' Seymour answers 'Boston' which causes He and Agnes to be sliced in half by axes. The Flanders are then asked 'Name Two things that are NOT A Pronoun'. Ned gets the question wrong and they are eaten by Dozens of Piranhas and Anacondas,leaving only The Simpsons. They are asked 'Is Pluto a planet?'. Lisa opens her to say no, but Homer cuts in and says yes. A trapdoor In the floor plunges the family into fire (The fire is seen offscreen). In hell, the family are on Massage Tables,where they then look angrily at Homer who says "What?". They're then whipped by a devil.

The Not So Evil DeadEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

Lisa: Oh no! The Springfield Choir is dead!

(The Family stare at her blankly)

Lisa: Ugh.. I'll be in my room.

Homer: Oh I get it. It's a train of pain.

Homer (when seeing Abe's reflection): God, I really let myself go.

Moe (as he is being eaten): Sarcasm is getting me nowhere.

Ned: Hiddily-Ho Simpsorinos!

Homer: Shut up Ned.

Ned: Okily-dokily!

Gameshow Host: Now if your neighbour is a girl, then you save 5 dollars!

Homer: That's me!

Ned: But Homer I...

Homer: Shut up Meg.

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