In "Greemleenz" Homer gives a Bart a pet "Meegwai" for christmas, in "Friday the14th" Bart drowns at a summer camp, and in "Pushing Babies" Maggie can touch dead things and bring them back to life, and if there alive for more then 1 minute, somone else dies.

Couch Gag:
Bart walks in to his evil twin Hugo sitting on the couch with the rest of his family.
Special Guest(s):
Nancy Cartwright as Hugo


Opening SequenceEdit

Bart is sleeping, when he hears a shriek and an evil laugh in the attic. He walks up there only to see Hugo chained up, trying to sew Lisa on to him so she could be Hugo's siamese twin. Then Bart throws a knife at Hugo, but misses and it just hits the wall. Then Hugo grabs Bart and eats him. Then Lisa punches Hugo's stomach and makes him vommit up Bart. Then Lisa runs away leaving Bart to Hugo. Then a Title Card comes and says "Say it aint so! Its the simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXIX!"

  • It is unknown if Bart escaped from Hugo or not (Most Likley.)


"Homer! Look out! He has a mohawk and hes not afraid to use it!" - Bart Simpson, to Homer.

Homer is in china looking for the worlds only donught made by the god Tengu. Also hoping to find a chinese Itchy and Scrathy doll for Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Then this chinese mugger tackles Homer and they fall down the stairs, and Homer walks into a shop, then finds a cage, and in it is a "Meegwai" named "Geezmoo". Homer asks the mugger if he can buy it, then the mugger kicks homers balls. Homer decides to punch the mugger and to steal Geezmoo (Of course he thinks its a chinese Itchy and Scrathy doll.) Then homer runs all the way back to springfield. Of course, he "Could Really use a Doughnut for this run!" Once he gets home he eats so much doughnuts that he turns super fat, then Marge smacks him. Homers runs all the way back to China to be a Sumo-Wrestler. Then Marge sees he left a present. She opens it and sees it, then screams and throws it in the sink (while she was washing the dishes). Then furballs shoot in to the living room, they turn into new Meegwais. then Bart picks up one wth a mohawk. Maggie pokes it in the butt, then it farts in her face. Bart names it "Jerkwad", but Lisa names it "Moe" do to its mohawk, then Maggie decides its name should be "Stripey" then more furballs shoot into the living room, so then Bartand Lisa decide to call it Stripey. Then Geezmoo walks in. Then, every meegwai (besides Geezmoo) whines for food. They feed them all, (besides Geezmoo) and then Stripey begins to cocoon, so do the other meegwai that ate shortly after Stripey does. Then lisa complains "Great Bart! You gave them old contaminated Pizza!" Then Bart also complains "Old contaminated Pizza? You probbably put those spice packets on it!" "They were for spice, Bart, Spice!" In the morning marge is the only one home, because Bart and Lisa went to scool and Maggie's at daycare.

Then the cocoons in the living room hatch, and Geezmoo is the only one to notice. Then the Meegwai that ate finnaly hatched and became Greemleens. Then Homer came back, just while Marge finished killing all the Greemleens beside Stripey (who ran out the window.) Then Homer and Bart ran after Stripey, but Stripey attacked Homer, then ran after Bart, but just then, Hugo came and ate Stripey, Then Bart screamed at the sight of Hugo in a Bikini (for some strange reason, Hugo was in a Bikini.)

Friday the 14thEdit

Bart was mowing the lawn one summer, then accidently fell with his head right in front of the mower when he tripped, and mowed some of his face, making him so disformed, he wore a hockey mask (Like Jason Voorhes from Friday the 13th). Then Homer thought he was an athlete, so he sent Bart to a summer camp, thinking it was a hockey camp. Then nobody payed attention to Bart at the camp, so Bart just went for a swim in the lake, but drowned. Then, the camps consullers kept dissapearing, then being found dead. And then a camper (that had a resemblence to Lisa a little bit) got lost. So, Her older brother, went looking for her. Then he found her, face to face with the killer, Marge! Marge was about to kill her, but her older brother shot Marge, and Marge fell backwards into the lake. Then the screen zooms out, only to show Bart (with his hockey mask) was in the woods, and he witnessed it all. Then a title card comes up on the screen saying "The End?"

Pushing BabiesEdit

Maggie is playing outside with Geezmoo (who somehow survived the events of "Greemleenz") until Geezmoo runs all the way into road, and accidently gets ran over by a huge semi truck. then Maggie slowly crawls up to Geezmoo's corpse. Then she pokes Geezmoo. Then Geezmoo comes back to life as if nothing ever happened. Then Maggie crawls all around poking things (Like a mutated cat, a wasp, and even a biker). Until she gets inside, when Marge picks up Maggie, then suddenly falls to the floor in a coma. Then maggie pokes her, and brings her back to life. Then later, Bart is picking on Maggie, so Maggie gets so angry, she pokes bart in the leg! Causing him to fall to the floor and die, then she felt guilty, so brought back Bart by poking him again. But bart was back for more then 1 Minute, so elsewhere, Ralph Wiggum fell to the floor and died while drinking lemonade. So Maggie knew it was Ralph or Bart. Ralph never bothers Maggie, but Bart sometimes bugs Maggie. So she decided to poke Ralph and bring him back to life for more then 1 Minute, causing Bart to die again.


In reruns, the scene where Geezmo gets hit b a truck is cut out. Also, the scene where Marge's head gets cut off is tooken out and replaced with a scene where Marge is pushed into the lake. The opening sequence is cut out along with the theme song, and replaced with the normal theme song, accept it is raining during most of it.