In Treehouse of Horror XXXVII Marge and the other women protest for women rights and move in with the devil in "Hells Wifes", Professor Frink creates a portal that leads to the black whole when the Simpsons are lead into another dimension in "Into The Unknown" and finally in "eXtra everything" Homer grows tentacles as arms after drinking a barrel of toxic waste and the rest of the family grow gruesome body parts.



Bart (dressed as Radioactive Man), Lisa (dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland), Milhouse (dressed as Fallout Boy), Sherri and Terri (both dressed as Siamese cats), Database (dressed as a mad scientist) Janie (dressed as a fairy) and Nelson (dressed as a hobo) go Trick or Treating and opproach a creepy old mansion. The old lady who lives there invites the kids in while she prepares the candy and takes Milhouse to help her. Off screen Milhouse is murdered and his blood is poured over the delicious tofee apples spelling out the letters, Treehouse of Horror XXXVII.

Hells WifesEdit

All the women of Springfield believe they are being treated bad by their husbands and want equal rights. During the night they lead down into hell where Satan makes them sign a contract to all be his wifes and he will treat them well, but this involves bad tasks like killing everyone they love.

Into the UnknownEdit

While Professor Frink is studying he falls asleep and drops one of his concoctions on the ground and creates a portal that leads to the black hole. Bart and Lisa visit Frink for some study material but fall into the portal and getted trapped into a mysterious, horrifying dimension full of murderous objects.

eXtra everythingEdit

Lenny and Carl pull a prank on Homer and fill his water bottle with toxic waste and the result is Homer growing tentacles as arms but anyone who Homer lays his arms against suffers this horrible happening. Bart grows an extra eye, Marge turns green, Lisa grows flippers and Maggie grows fangs, aswell as everyone else in town turning into hideous mutated beasts.


Marge, Helen and Agnes pause the screen and walk in complaining about the episode but the devil grabs them and loures them to hell. The closing credits are played while the song "Highway To Hell" is played in the background.

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